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The Malselv

The Malselv river lies in northern Norway, most conveniently accessed by Bardufoss airport, but also by the more frequent flights in and out of Tromso, which requires a stop in Oslo, flying from Heathrow, followed by about a two-hour drive.

The final destination is Rundhaug, a small village on the banks of the Upper Malselv above the famous Malselvfoss, the impressive waterfalls that form a boundary between the largely featureless river below the falls, into dream salmon fly water above.

Perhaps due to its northerly location and proximity to the rather more famous Alta river, the Malselv remains rather unknown outside its immediate surroundings. Surprising considering its productivity. However, it is no surprise that the river maintains a loyal following from those in the know.

Prime time is mid July. We have seen 20 lb fish caught on fly, examined catch statistics for various pieces of water, seen the river in flood, seen how quickly it becomes fishable again afterwards and how quickly fish start to take again. The Upper Malselv is a truly wonderful river to fish. It is a good size, not ideal for inexperienced fly-fishers but certainly fishable from the bank by accomplished spey-casters. The average size of the salmon is 10 lbs with the chance of a great Norwegian fresh 20-30 pounder always there. There are classic pools, tails and runs to this fly water.

Accommodation is at Rundhaug Gjestegard, a small hotel in the heart of the village of Rundhaug on the banks of the Malselv, it is perfectly located for accessing the fishing. We secure the best rooms for our party for single occupancy which are en-suite and comfortable. Seasonal local food is served in the restaurant, and breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided. It is not luxury accommodation, but comfortable and good enough for Charles Ritz who fished the river in 1959 as documented in his book A Flyfisher's Life!


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