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Fish 2 Fork

Fish2fork is an online campaigning restaurant guide that promotes the use of sustainable sources of fish to eat.
With more than 80 per cent of the world's wild fish stocks fully or over exploited the guide assesses restaurants on where they get their fish.
Many of cuisine’s most popular fish – including wild salmon, bluefin tuna, European eel – have suffered serious declines with overfishing one of the prime causes.
By looking at where restaurants get their fish, which species they serve and how they were caught, Fish2fork hopes to persuade restaurants to stop serving fish taken from struggling stocks and instead to use supplies from sustainably managed fisheries.
Fish2fork is a sister organisation to the Blue Marine Foundation, which helped fund the creation of the Chagos marine protected area – the world’s largest - in the Indian Ocean. Both organisations are part of the legacy of The End of the Line, the award-winning film based on the book by Charles Clover, in which he is featured investigating the decline of the endangered bluefin tuna.


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