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Welcome to H2O Bonefishing

Since flats fishing gained popularity in the mid-1980s, bonefishers have become increasingly demanding not only in terms of higher fishing expectations but also with regard to accommodations and the availability of activities for non-fishing companions. The programme at H2O Bonefishing has, for many, eliminated the need to choose between great fishing on the one hand and comfort and non-fishing appeal on the other.

The expanse of flats that unfurls to the north and west of Freeport is vast and productive, and H2O Bonefishing is one of the few operations with a licence to fish this water. The bonefish here eat eagerly, almost to the point of being reckless. Careful presentations are nearly always met with a voracious take, but even fish that are 'lined', though they may initially dart a short distance away, usually wheel around to see what caused the disturbance and search frantically until they locate the fly. In addition to being particularly unwary, the fish here are also abundant. Most notable, however, is the average size of these bones which, we can say with confidence, is 5 lbs. Many fish in the 5- to 8-lb range are caught and even double-digit bones are lurking around these flats. And, as if trophy bonefishing like this weren't enough, this region has also shown itself as a developing permit fishery with multiple permit releases. Permit are the typical large Bahamas variety, averaging over 20 lbs.

Offshore fishing is a great way to break up a week of flats fishing and is offered from May to September in the deep waters that start less than a mile from shore on the island of Grand Bahama. The primary targets are yellowfin tuna, considered by many to be one of the strongest game fish to pursue and dorado. The yellowfin average around 15-25 lbs, and are ideal for the fly fisherman with fish caught on fly over 60 lbs! Dorado, or mahi mahi as they are also referred to, can go to over 50 lbs with the largest to date weighing 48 lbs on fly. There are always possibilities at skipjack and blackfin tuna.

Guests stay at the colourful Pelican Bay Hotel, a colonial-style property adjacent to the Lucaya Marketplace. Large, air-conditioned rooms have all the modern conveniences you would expect. Guests can also enjoy one of the three hotel swimming pools, a hot tub and the adjacent bar. The Lucaya beach is an easy five-minute stroll away. Fishing guests enjoy breakfast at the hotel's Canal House restaurant and lunch on the water while fishing. There are a number of excellent restaurants within walking distance of Pelican Bay where non-fishers can have lunch and everyone can eat dinner.


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