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Kau Tapen Lodge

As well as the lodge itself you will be enchanted by Tierra del Fuego in general. We think the landscape is wonderful, it truly is big, big sky country, the light so moody and mystical, and the wildlife characterful: the ever-present Magellan geese, the guanaco, the beavers that you see plodding about in the half light, the buff-necked ibis that make such a racket, foxes and their scavenging partners the caracara, the equivalent of our buzzards.  There is simply no place like it in the world and in our book that makes it a ‘must do’ place from a fishing point of view.

Kau Tapen Lodge is located within minutes of the best pools of the central portion of the famous Rio Grande. This attractive timber lodge has rustic elegance, with a well-appointed living room, bar, sauna, steam and massage room with sofas, and nine comfortable bedrooms, each with an ensuite bathroom. The dining schedule revolves around the most productive fishing hours and fine meals are served exemplifying the hospitality of your gracious Argentine hosts.

To fish at Kau Tapen is to take part in history. This lodge, which literally translates as 'House of Fishing', was the first on the Rio Grande and boasts a rich tradition of immense sea trout caught from its coveted holding waters. Seasoned guides know each pocket and glide and can expertly direct you to success while honing your fishing skills. The gravel-bottomed river is serpentine here and the flow moderate so wading is sure footed and fishermen can usually be positioned to use the infamous TDF wind as an ally.

Kau Tapen Lodge has always enjoyed access to the prime water of the Rio Grande. The length of the beats and their location allow maximum versatility coping well with both high and low water conditions should they occur. The maximum of 12 rods ensures the greatest rods to pool ratio on the river. Combine this prime water with its natural surroundings, the accompanying wildlife such as beavers, guanaco and a myriad of birds to make up a truly magical and unique experience.

Kau Tapen Lodge has a wonderful atmosphere made even better by its superb staff. It has a wonderful, warm, woody feel to it and every last detail from the linens on the beds to the superb food is taken care of. It has the advanatage of being close to the river thereby having shorter drives so it is easy to come back and enjoy the lodge at lunctime and in the evenings. It also has the advanatge of the Menendez river which adds miles and miles of fishing to the water on the Rio Grande. The Menendez is more intimate fishing but the fish can be equally big.

If you want good fishing in the most comfortable and warm surroundings then Kau Tapen is your prime choice.

Read Tarquin Millington-Drake's blog from his 2013 trip to Kau Tapen here, it is full of excellent information and photos.


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