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La Zona - the home of the huge dorado

If a big dorado is your target species then there is no other place on earth that can match the pedigree of La Zona; this is big dorado heaven! Since opening its doors to anglers back in 2005 La Zona has been on the forefront of the dorado fishing world, smashing almost every world record in its path. It broke the IGFA fly-caught record with a fish of almost three times the previous record weight, tipping the scales at over 50 lbs! Further to that, the bait fishing world record was smashed by nearly 10 lbs with an immense fish of over 61 lbs. Who knows what’s left lurking in the depths, and goodness knows what size some of these released fish are now.

With the quantity and quality of dorado found in these waters expectations are high, but what La Zona delivers is unsurpassed. Fish of 20 lbs are commonplace, as are fish of 30 lbs. Fish of over 40 lbs are expected and make an appearance frequently, with some leviathans topping the scales at over 50 lbs and really providing a catch that dreams are made of. With their raw, seemingly untameable power these are an amazing quarry, and, with their ferocious nature and appetite, form a reputation worthy to be crowned the king of the freshwater sporting species.

The lodge, based on the estancia just minutes from the water, is nestled in idyllic surroundings draped in palm and eucalyptus trees, making it the perfect place to unwind, rest and celebrate after an enjoyable day on the water. The lodge has its own private pool to shed the day's heat in, and relax before a lavish and hearty supper. La Zona provides an intimate experience, and has eight rooms, each with its own private bathroom and all are fully air-conditioned.   

With its pedigree of providing world-class fishing, and being the ultimate place to target large dorado, availability is limited and gets snapped up quickly. As such, please make contact as soon as possible, giving us plenty of warning to help secure a place at this magnificent location, and to avoid any disappointment.


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