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Laguna Verde Lodge

If wild, hard fighting, beautifully proportioned rainbow trout in one of the remotest and intriguing environments on earth is your idea of heaven, then Laguna Verde is your doorway. 

Set some five hours north of the town of El Calafate in the province of Santa-Cruz in Argentina, Laguna Verde offers varied fishing opportunities. From fishing on the world renowned Jurassic Lake (Lago Strobel), where they are strategically located to access ‘Monster-Bay’, where most of the larger fish are caught - and have reached weights of over 30 lbs - through to the smaller lakes that hold extremely hard fighting, wild rainbows that do reach double figures with the closest lake being just a few metres from the extremely comfortable hard-standing lodge.

If this was not enough, Laguna Verde also offers some of the finest river fishing for wild rainbows in the world. The river holds an amazing head of fish, where mass catches are commonplace, and fish into double figures are not uncommon.

The programme at Laguna Verde is extremely flexible and is largely dictated by the angler’s requirements or preferences. Fancy taking a six-day trip specimen hunting on Jurassic Lake? No problem. Fancy taking it one day at a time and deciding in the morning how each day will unfold? Again, no problem. Laguna Verde encapsulates and represents the very best in trout fishing in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The fish are truly impressive!


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