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Sight Cast

Los Roques is no longer the well-kept secret it used to be, just one that many anglers do not care to share with the rest of the angling community. Once you have fished it, it becomes the standard by which you'll judge all other flats destinations.  Sure, you will mix it up and try another bonefishing destination once in a while, but the sirens of Los Roques eventually summon you back. The predominance of wading, the good average-size fish, the quaint fishing village (no condos here), the posadas meticulously operated by their owners – Los Roques has earned a top spot in our bonefishing destinations.

The Sight Cast fishing operation is owned by Chris Yrazabal who has 20 years of experience guiding Los Roques and is one of the most knowledgeable people on the Los Roques fishery. He has guided here since the early 90s, and from 1994 he served as the head guide and manager of Chapi Sportfishing. Chris's team of guides are also highly-experienced.

Each of his 28-ft fiberglass center-console boats is equipped with a canopy to protect against the sun. They also feature new 75 or 100 hp Yamaha four-stroke engines, which provide safe and efficient run times to the fishing areas of about 20-30 minutes. There are more distant flats, and occasionally the guides will make those longer runs, but it's important to note that there are also numerous productive flats much closer to the lodge.

The boat drivers drop off fishing pairs with their guide on various flats and meet them at the other end, eliminating any backtracking across the flat to maximize fishing time. The diversity of the flats here is unique, with some flats vast and expansive, and others ridiculously small. Pancake flats pop up from the depths of the lagoon seemingly out of nowhere, some are virtually nothing but firm white sand, others are covered in turtle grass and rich in forage; sometimes you are among mangroves or on a lone patch of sand surrounded by sparkling azure water. Walking along the beach flats, you will find bonefish hanging out in the deeper water beyond, swirling on the surface at the schools of baitfish, hence, the popularity of the gummy minnow 'fly'.  One of the most alluring things about the bonefish at Los Roques, and the reason that so many people return, is that they average somewhere between 3-5 lbs, with realistic expectations for fish of 7-10 lbs every day.

sSight Cast accommodate anglers in the Posada Acuarela, an inviting inn with 12 spacious rooms featuring en-suite bathrooms and air-conditioning. Living areas are decorated with work by artist-posada owner Angelo Belvedere, and have an informal elegance. After a day on the flats, guests relax and enjoy a cocktail on the rooftop terrace, before a memorable and delicious meal.


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