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The Brevyeni Camp

Much of the Brevyeni water was almost un-fished for the first ten years of Ponoi history. During those periods memories of incredible spring numbers, wonderful skated dry fly fishing in the tail overlooked by the Brevyeni Camp of today and great wading for Fall run fish all come to mind. But, exact patterns and trends were not fully established; they all just knew that each time they went to Brevyeni we had good fishing.

Therefore, it was with confidence that the Brevyeni Camp was built in 2004. The camp is located beside the Brevyeni tributary. The tributary is a fully-fledged river in the spring reducing to a trickle in the summer but with some of the best brown trout fishing a half-kilometre walk upstream. The camp is built into the side of the hill overlooking a wonderful tail-out before the big, un-navigable rapids below. The scenery around Brevyeni is much more dramatic and wild but very beautiful. Here the river has cut a deep canyon hundreds of metres deep. On the top is the tundra plateau where swans and ptarmigan breed in peace, undisturbed except by the occasional helicopter. Brevyeni is on the way to nowhere.

In 2007 the camp was completely refurbished and it now offers eight guests a single, wooden cabins each with wooden walkways about the camp. There are three flush toilets, a very spacious shower facility, a fine banya or sauna that any Russian would be happy to use. There is still a ‘big tent’, which is used as the dining and sitting room. It is spacious with a warm stove surrounded by leather sofas and armchairs one side and a full dining table and chairs the other. There is also a bar and even an iPod dock for you to enjoy your favourite tunes! The camp has full communications with good telephone communications and wi-fi for email and internet. In summary, the camp has been designed for private use by intact groups who not only wish to enjoy the wilderness fishing that Brevyeni provides but also a more private and intimate social hideaway.

The Brevyeni Camp is fully equipped for fishing, as one would expect. There is a full compliment of Ryabaga style boats with the more environmentally friendly four stroke engines plus the necessary spare. The tackle department provides modern equipment such as premium brand waders, wading boots etc. All you need to bring is a good waterproof jacket and some warm clothing and with some advanced notice, we can almost supply you with the rest.

The Brevyeni fishing is perhaps the most varied on the river with two major rapids and one real bottleneck in the beats. Experiences test fishing in the springs before 2004 proved consistent with experiences since. Fish are stacked in the Brevyeni water when the season starts, most often in the upper beats of the 12 kms of water (with more once the rapids have reduced to summer level) but this varies from year to year. As the season progresses the fish spread over the beats more and the added ingredient of the summer run kicks in around mid-June. There is endless wading but good boat fishing too for those less able to wade. The summer run sees the Spring season at Brevyeni out, for it continues all the way through July. Soon after, the famoius Fall run begins and all these incredible fish pass through the Brevyeni water.

The Brevyeni camp offers a very different experience. It is a beautifully remote place with wild and interesting water. The camp is intimate and private and offers great peace in an untamed wilderness. Combine this with the opportunity to catch 15 to 30 fish to a rod in a week among friends and it is almost the perfect Atlantic salmon camp.

Brevyeni Camp operates on a private group or full camp basis. The main reason for this is the need for its own helicopter service into camp. We operate on a Saturday-to-Saturday basis only except for Russian citizens.


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