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The Great Sailfishing Company

Located on the Pacific coast of Guatemala, in Chulamar, near Puerto San Jose, a mere 90-minute ride via air-conditioned minibus from Guatemala City, The Great Sailfishing Company, enjoys a reputation developed over their six-year history of individualized, customer-focused service, willing to meet and exceed your expectations.

The Great Sailfishing Company owns and also has access to a wide range of offshore boats, primarily 28-ft to 38-ft Bertrams, and can comfortably fish groups of 2 to 3 anglers to as many as 6 anglers per boat. The boats operate out of the new, modern Marina Pez Vela. Each boat is staffed with a full-time captain and crew experienced in the art of teasing, catching and releasing Pacific sailfish on both fly and conventional gear. The boats are fully equipped with all fly and conventional fishing gear, as well as lures, bait, ice, cold beverages and bottled water. Each boat is equipped with all safety-related equipment, GPS, and marine radio. Lunch is served on the boat, as well as mid-morning and afternoon snacks such as delicious local fruits.

Accommodation during your stay will be in a private villa, in the large and secure Villas del Pacifico Resort, just 15 minutes from the Marina Pez Vela, which offers the opportunity to spend time with your friends or family undisturbed. Each villa offers a private or semi-private pool and is staffed with a personal chef, maid and waitress so that you can enjoy total flexibility and even have your catch prepared as you like it, when you like it. Each villa is fully stocked with soft drinks, wine, beer and spirits as well as snacks and other conveniences. Each group receives a mobile phone with sufficient credit to call home or to have as a contact number.  If you prefer traditional lodging, you may opt for the hotel accommodations also located within the Resort.



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