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Villa Maria Lodge

We think you will be enchanted by Tierra del Fuego in general. We think the landscape is wonderful, it truly is big, big sky country, the light so moody and mystical, and the wildlife characterful: the ever-present Magellan geese, the guanaco, the beavers that you see plodding about in the half light, the buff-necked ibis that make such a racket, foxes and their scavenging partners the caracara, the equivalent of our buzzards.  There is simply no place like it in the world and in our book that makes it a ‘must do’ place from a fishing point of view.

Villa Maria Lodge is situated in one of Patagonia’s biggest and oldest working estancias. The estancia can trace its origins back to the pioneering days of Patagonian history. It has six spacious, perfectly furnished bedrooms featuring a cosy dining and living area, as well as a bar, well-stocked with local spirits. Each of the six guests is assured their own bedroom.

The lodge you accesses the lower Rio Grande, which is larger than the waters 40 to 50 miles (72 km), upstream, and it is here that you will encounter chrome bright sea trout.  The lower Rio Grande will appeal particularly to those that like to use a double-handed rod and, depending on water conditions, sinking tips may be the order of the day or floating lines and even dry flies.

Fishing the lower Rio Grande is usually an all-day affair; you will leave the ranch each morning, spending the day on the water before returning after dark, enjoying lunch and siesta in a specially designed building overlooking the river. The building is fully equipped with bedrooms for siesta and large seating areas both in and outside the lodge. There is a full kitchen to prepare lunch and a first class barbecue area for traditional asados.

The lodge’s chef takes charge each evening, offering a selection of local and international cuisine accompanied by the best Argentine wines. The rest of the staff, composed of your host, maids and professional guides will assist you during the week with all your needs. The house will accommodate only six fishermen per week and the best months on the river for a combination of fresh fish and numbers of fish are January, February and March. The fishing week runs from Friday to Friday.

Villa Maria is excellent for private parties, those that prefer bigger water and to use a larger double-handed rod and those who must be certain of their own room.


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