A Meeting of Shooting Minds

Recently Frontiers Loren Booker attended a meeting of industry representatives at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School to discuss the well-being and future of UK shooting. Members of the group were welcomed by Dan Jago, the new Chairman of James Purdey & Sons who introduced the day's topics. Important updates followed from Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance then an Uplands and Scotland/Werritty Report from Mark Osborne, Managing Director of JM Osborne & Co and finally Sam Carlisle of the Lead Working Group gave us an update and perspective on alternatives, The meeting ended with an update from outgoing CEO of The British Game Alliance, Tom Adams.

Overall, the attendees of the meeting agreed that the 2019/2020 shooting season had been a success and that shooting in the UK has never been more popular and numbers are increasing. Guns from home and around the world are lured to the hills and moors time and time again, in pursuit of the camaraderie, traditions and consistently exhilarating sport that the UK has to offer.

As a result of the increase in interest, shooting communities need to remain focused on self-regulation, continued high standards and to represent their sport with science-based evidence. Within the UK, we have variety of widely supported groups and charities that have all played a vital role in highlighting the value of game shooting (British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC), Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWTC), the Countryside Alliance and British Game Alliance, to name a few) and it is these organisations who are on hand to support shoots in all aspects of management, from environmental and best-practice aspects through to the proficient handling and marketing of game meat. We must all continue to support these groups and maintain our own standards in the field.

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