Portfolio Account

We commend the Frontiers Personal Portfolio System, an online personal account to store your data and manage your travel plans and communicate directly with us, designed to maximise your convenience in booking with Frontiers.

Click here to request your username and password.

The following is a brief description of what your personal account can offer you in managing your bookings and maximising your convenience.

SecurityFrontiers has set up its websites to offer you peace of mind on how we handle your data. When you log into your Frontiers Personal Portfolio you will see that the website address changes from ‘http’ to ‘https’ and a padlock will appear (either by the address bar, or in the status bar). This shows that the site is protected and encrypted. Do click on the padlock which will confirm that the site has been verified by security company Thawte. Encryption means that as your personal information is sent from your computer to ours it is encrypted and anyone trying to get hold of it would not succeed. To be able to see your data in the Frontiers Personal Portfolio you will need to log in using your personal user name and password – these are unique to you and you will only be able to see information about you, not anyone else.

Details - Gives you a quick overview of the basic information we keep in order to stay in contact with you - this can be edited and updated by you. You can tell us whether to contact you at home or in the office, (or at which choice of address), plus details relating to health, dietary requirements, as well as emergency contact and passport details for visas and other occasional requirements. We do recommend that you review this information from time to time to make sure it is up to date, particularly health and dietary requirements.

Interests - In this section you can highlight your specific area, (or areas), of interest. This can range from one specific species or destination that you are really interested in or you can take a broad view and ask us for everything; and of course you can ask for any variant in between.

Bookings - Here you are able to review your booking, conveniently confirm acceptance of trip terms and conditions and be alerted to the fact that there are specific questions or personal details that are necessary to complete for your upcoming trip. Finally it will also show if your account is settled or outstanding.

Invoices - This will show you the status of each invoice and what is outstanding if necessary.

Questionnaire - In three easy sections - General, Fishing and Shooting - you have the option to complete a series of questions. If you don't shoot for example - ignore the shooting section entirely. If you go through the questions and answer them - then the chances are that you will not have to complete another set of questions for as long as you travel with Frontiers. We will do the rest for you. We do however recommend reviewing your entries from time to time to make sure they are up to date.

Privacy - This is some housekeeping on our part to ask you for your confirmation that you are content that we send the personal details required, such as health and dietary requirements, to the properties you will be travelling to.

Equipment - This is for the storage of gun details for licence applications, where appropriate.