Alaska - ATA Lodge - Available dates

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ATA lodge is a wonderful place for families or friends to immerse themselves into Alaska’s real wilderness. Not only does the lodge provide some of the world’s most prolific salmon fishing, but offers a unique wilderness experience.

Alaska is a destination that should be on everyone's bucket list, why not take this opportunity while we can still offer these great discounts?

The available dates are as follows:

 June 16th- 23rd - Trout and grayling fishing

June 23rd – 30th - Trout and grayling fishing

Sept 1st – 8th - Silver salmon and trophy trout, char and grayling

June 30th-July 7th - Sockeye salmon, trout, char and grayling

July 28th -Aug 4th - Sockeye salmon, shum salmon, king Salmon, trout, char and grayling

Aug 25th -Sept 1st - Silver salmon, trout, char and grayling

July 21st – 28th - Sockeye salmon, shum Salmon, king salmon, trout, char and grayling


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