Alphonse Island & Cosmoledo, Seychelles, Fishing Report 2nd to 11th January 2020

First super-slam for Alphonse and GT Measuring 118 cm on Cosmoledo!

Alphonse Island Fishing News - 3rd - 11th January 2020

This week at Alphonse Island there were nine very skilled and eager anglers. The weather was good, and the moon was in its third-quarter which brought on a neap tide. The neap tide brought a lot of warm water into St Francois lagoon making the fishing challenging however this made the surf fishing extremely productive. The bonefishing was as excellent as always with 153 bonefish being landed by some extremely lucky anglers.

Day one was off to a good start for Adam who managed to land the largest bonefish of the week measuring 63 cm. Mark landed a fantastic 70 cm GT. Mike landed a 60 cm GT. Travis landed two GT’s measuring 62 cm and 70 cm. Travis landed another 70 cm GT on day four.

Kyle guided Gabe onto a massive 103 cm milkfish on day five and then on day six guided Christian onto the first super slam of the season. Christian landed a bonefish, a moustache triggerfish, two milkfish and two GT’s measuring 65 cm and 83 cm. Alexey managed to land three GT’s on day six measuring 60 cm, 78 cm and 88 cm.

Another fantastic week was spent at Alphonse Island fishing St Francois Atoll. Memories were made and bonds were formed that will last a lifetime. Stay tuned for next week’s report as we are sure you won’t want to miss it.

Tight lines, 
The Alphonse Fishing Co. Team on Alphonse Island

Bonefish 153
Permit 1
Giant trevally 13
Triggerfish 3
Bluefin Trevally 18
Milkfish 3


Cosmoledo Fishing News - 2nd - 9th January 2020

The start of the New Year brought sublime weather conditions (although extremely hot at times) and fishermen, Christian, Lea, Alexey, Francois as well as the diving and leisure Ponomareva Family of Nelia, Arkardi, Elena, Olisia, Evangelina and Gleb.
Alexey started off his year with a bang as he managed to land the biggest GT of the week and his personal best measuring a whopping 118 cm on the first day. He didn’t stop there as he added another one-metre plus to his count, an impressive 101 cm fish together with three triggerfish.
The cherry on top was when the stars aligned for him and he achieved a super grand slam. This consisted of a bonefish, triggerfish, giant trevally and a permit all in one day.
Lea and Christian had a solid week wrapping several GT’s with Christians biggest a great fish of 91 cm. He also managed a great moustache triggerfish on the last day. Lea celebrated her very first GT on the fly which measured a modest 87 cm, along with an array of different species such as snappers, groupers and bluefin trevally.
The Ponomareva family spent the majority of the week underwater, admiring all the exotic fish and brightly coloured corals that Cosmoledo has to offer.  Some of their special sightings were a bull shark, six scalloped hammerhead sharks, grey reef sharks, monstrous groupers and turtles to name just a few. They also enjoyed passing the time by getting stuck into the bluewater fishing experience landing multiple yellowfin tuna, wahoo and the much sort after dogtooth tuna.
Wishing all a very happy, safe and prosperous New Year.
Tight lines, 
The Alphonse Fishing Co. Team on Cosmoledo Atoll
Bonefish 5
Giant trevally 5
Triggerfish 4
Napoleon Wrasse 1
Permit 1

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