Alphonse - The story of the 2019/20 Season Part II

Week Six, although a little challenging with windier conditions, did not stop any angler from catching their fish of a lifetime! Antonio landed a stunning bone of 60 cm, Bernard landed two GT and Turner landed his first moustache triggerfish of 35 cm. Two trigger slams were landed by Vladimir and Sergie which consisted of a yellowmargin, a moustache and a picasso trigger while on a surf walk, and Sergie went on to bag a bonefish and a GT awarding him with a Flats Slam for the day. Chantal, who has been part of the Alphonse Fishing Co. family for as long as we can remember, landed the second silver bullet of the season – a gorgeous milky of 104 cm! 

It was a week of blood, sweat, and glory for anglers and guides on Week Seven! 584 bonefish were landed this week, topping the 530 caught on Week Four and coming into first place of the most bonefish caught in a week, with Rob landing 120! Emma landed a Flats Slam on her first day out consisting of a permit, a bonefish and a trigger that nearly took her thumb off during a quick photo session; followed by Michael who also claimed a replica-Flats Slam! Alena was the second lady angler to catch a permit for the week and Timothy landed two GT’s.

Week Eight of the Alphonse Fishing season produced great fishing numbers as the full moon approached. The week started with a spring tide and eight enthusiastic anglers decided to try their hand at bluewater pelagic species over the week. Three sailfish and four wahoo were landed on the fly by Ashley, Charles and Tim. Robin was the angler of the week by bagging four GT’s as well as two extra-large bluefin trevally. Bill also landed two GT’s and the biggest bluefin of the season was caught by Ashley measuring a monstrous 74 cm – which is the biggest bluefin of the season thus far!

St Francois Atoll really showed its strength and versatility on the ninth week of the season as our group of anglers put in the effort, braving some bad weather and strong south-easterly wind. Some memorable fish were landed with the moon phase swinging from full moon to a waning gibbous, the tides shifted from springs to neaps which allowed us to explore the atoll on foot as well as by skiff. At the start of the week, the bonefish and permit were seen in great numbers and many of the anglers racked up 20 plus bones, two of which measured in at 60 cm plus by Christopher and David. Bill and Tim both landed permit and Bill went on to catch a moustache trigger, along with Charles.

Week Ten brought 12 enthusiastic anglers to the atoll, most of whom are veterans of the island and have fished this atoll since nearly ‘the very beginning.’  Dr Anthony (Tony) who is known as a legendary St Francois fly fisherman, landed the biggest bonefish of the week measuring in at 65 cm making it the largest bonefish landed so far this season. Mike landed a spectacular GT and on the last day with only a few minutes to spare Peter followed suit with his GT. Peter landed a massive sailfish along with his fishing buddy Russell who brought two wahoo and a sailfish to the boat and the bluewater champion for the week was Kevin who landed three sailfish and one wahoo!

Week 11 was the week of extremely strong winds and heavy rains as cyclone Belina raged through the outer islands of the Seychelles. With Astove, Farquhar and Cosmoledo camps being temporarily shut for safety reasons, we re-directed as many guests as we could onto Alphonse to weather the storm. Although the fishing was limited - this surely didn't stop us from catching fish! 302 bonefish were brought to hand as well as 3 permit and 3 GT. Despite the nasty weather - this is an outstanding achievement from the team!

From a tropical cyclone last week to the most postcard-perfect weather the Seychelles has to offer for Week 12, anglers were extremely lucky to experience these conditions throughout the entire week! The wind turned to a light westerly which brought with it calm waters and fantastic catches. The ‘biggest bonefish of the season’ was crushed by Marcel, another AFC longtime buddy, measuring in at a stunning 69 cm! Andrew managed to catch his fish of a lifetime with a 66 cm permit followed by Mark who claimed GT King of the week catching four fish! Richard lost an unbelievable one hour battle against a mad-milky and Paul, who has been visiting Alphonse Island for more years than we can count, landed the only silver bullet of the week which was 90 cm.

Great fishing was experienced on Week 13 as the full moon approached. The ‘biggest bone of the season’ was just missed by Mr Trim sliding one cm short at 68 cm! The ‘biggest GT of the season’ finally stretched the tape a little longer to crown Arni with this title, who landed a beast of 103 cm. Paul bagged a beautiful trigger and Ryan brought the only sailfish to the boat after seven specimens were raised for him to choose from!

Christmas week, which marks Week 14 of the season, has always been a favourite for us all, guests, and the whole team alike. The island vibe is incredible, as is the fishing and the weather. We welcome the Alphonse-Christmas-Regulars back to the flats and boy did they not disappoint. With mixing up the fishing teams and throwing in a little competition between the skiffs and bluewater boats, the end results were epic! The Trim family upheld their angling skills with Ralph claiming a sizey GT, Terrence a hefty golden nugget of a permit at 44 cm as well as a bag full of bones. David claimed GT of the week with his fish stretching the tape to 104 cm – just topping the GT of the season by one cm! Tommy, ex-guide and fly fishing fanatic, and his boat partner El’Davo, racked up three triggers, four GT, a Flats Slam, countless bonefish and just when they thought they had the winning boat of the week, Mark came home with four GT’s alone for the week, with his biggest just skimping the biggest of 104 cm and coming in at 103! 

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