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Iceland is one of the more unique salmon fishing destinations in the world, with its crystal clear waters, beautiful canyons and wide-open meadows, there is something for everyone. Our last remaining rods for the 2020 summer in Iceland are as follows.

Please contact us for more information on each.

Single-handed rod rivers

15th to 18th June - 4 rods
18th to 21st June - 5 rods
24th to 27th June - 5 rods
27th to 30th June - 3 rods
03rd to 06th July - 8 rods
09th to 12th July - 3 rods
12th to 15th July - 2 rods
15th to 18th July - 6 rods
27th to 30th July - 12 rods

Grímsa river:
23rd to 26th July - 2 rods 
26th to 30th July - 2 rods  
30th July to 2nd August
2nd to 5th August

Laxa in Kjos:
July 29th to August 1st - 8 rods
1st to 4th August - 8 rods
7-10th August - 4 rods

18th to 21st July - 4 rods

30th July to 2nd August
2nd to 5th August 
Both full parties

Double-handed rod rivers

23rd to 26th August

20th to 23rd August - whole river - 4 rods

Laxa in Nes:
15th to 18th July - 6 rods
27th to 30th July - 3 rods

23rd to 27th July (4 days)

Self-catering lodges

8th to 11th July
11th to 14th July
14th to 21st July
24th to 27th July
8th to 20th September

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