Brazilian Lodges prime availability 2020 Season!

Interested in taking on the famous peacock bass or the illusive Arapaima, well here is your chance! Two of our Brazilian lodges still have some prime availability for the 2020 season. 

Pirarucú is located within the Mamirauá Reserve, this complex system of lakes and channels is between the Solimões and Japura Rivers. This lodge was the first Sustainable Development Reserve in Brazil, legislated by the Government of Amazonas in 1996, and remains the largest arapaima reserve in the world.

13th - 20th September - 6 spots 
20th - 27th September - 2 spots
4th - 11th October - 2 spots 
23rd - 30th October - 3 spots 
1st - 8th November - 4 spots

The Rio Marié fishery is located entirely within an extensive Indigenous Territory, an area of nearly five million acres! This pristine area covers roughly 500 miles of river, tributaries, and off-channel lagoons. The season operates from August-February in western Brazil’s dry season. This system has the highest density of true giants in the Amazon. The liveaboard ship is a one-of-a-kind beauty.

Rio Marie
Hosted trip: 10th - 17th September - 8 spots
8th - 15th October - 4 spots 
12th - 19th November - 1 spot 
26th November to 3rd December - 4 spots 


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