Catch up to 9 species in Alaska!

Alaska Trophy Adventures 2024 availability

Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge is located in the Bristol Bay region of Katmai National Park and sits on 160 private acres of prime river frontage in an iconic section of the Alagnak river known as the Upper Braids. Fishing the Alagnak with its pristine headwaters in the surrounding mountains which drain into Bristol Bay. It’s also called the Branch River, for its endless braided channels. Trout, char, lake trout, pike, and grayling are resident fish. All five Pacific salmon species run in front of the lodge each year.

23rd - 30th June – This is primarily trout and grayling fishing with the possibility of seeing the very beginning of the Sockeye salmon run starting towards the end of the week. ATA are discounting the trip to $4,975 including bed taxes, park fees and air taxi to/from the lodge. 

30th June - 7th July – Great Sockeye salmon and bear viewing week with the sockeye starting to stream in and with the salmon the bears start to hit the river frantically fishing for them as the first real food available for the season.

14th - 21st July – Only the chalet is available for a group of 6-8, a group has moved from this season to next year due to a family situation that came up.  This is a peak Sockeye and bear week with chums and kings in the river as well.  This week was sold out 18 months ago.  Chalet cost is $43,450 total plus $625 per person for bed taxes, park fees and round trip air taxi to/from the lodge. This works out cheaper than the normal package per person if 8 are sharing, and a little more expensive is only 6. But if only 6, they will charge the normal price of $6,975 per person.

21st - 28th July – 2 spots available. Same as previous week. 1 ensuite cabin available. Pink salmon starting to come in this week as well.  $6,975 per person.

28th July - 4th Aug – 2 spots available (1 ensuite cabin) for this great mixed species week with the possibility of catching 8-9 species of fish (all 5 pacific salmon, trout, char, grayling, etc). $6,975 per person.

11th - 18th Aug – First peak Silver (coho) salmon week together with all the other species in the river.  Some amazing fly outs available for small stream fishing behind spawning sockeye with great bear viewing. $6,975 per person 

25th Aug - 1st Sep – Silver, Chum, and Pink salmon. Plus trout, char and grayling. $6,975 per person 

1st - 8th Sep – 4 rods available – Silver salmon and trout, char and grayling. $6,975 per person.

8th - 15th Sep – 4 rods available - same as previous week. $6,975 per person.

Please contact Tarquin to find out more.

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