Cordoba Lodge

Cordoba Lodge - The best value high volume dove shooting in Argentina

The most recent addition to our Cordoba family of exceptional dove lodges, Cordoba Lodge is just a 1-hour drive from Cordoba International. It is located in the heart of the eared dove flyway, which is estimated at over 25 million and growing. Complementing Pica Zuro and La Dormida, this simply elegant destination is ideal for first time shooting groups, intact parties and guest looking for great value. Boasting Cordoba’s most tenured shooting staff, renowned chefs specializing in regional cuisine, an ample wine cellar and flawless logistics, Cordoba Lodge sets the standards at superb value.


Short drives to private, pre-selected locations in undulating, provincial terrain, and 25 million eared doves passing assures high birds, close shots and unlimited shooting scenarios. At midday, a world famous Asado lunches features an open-air barbecue of select Argentine meats and Mendoza wines.


A quaint community-style layout combines regional flavor and elegance. The main Lodge features airy porches, light living areas, a well-stocked wine cellar/tasting room, and hot tub. There are eight twin bedrooms with en suite bathroom and two queen beds in two guest buildings.


Top-end Beretta, Benelli, and Browning semi-auto and O/U shotguns are available for hire. Guests may bring guns to Argentina; however, Frontiers suggests using Lodge guns due to restrictions and logistics. Quality eye/ear protection, shooting gloves, and a shoulder pad are a must.

Trip Specifics

While a shooter’s mecca, Cordoba Lodge is elegant and comfortable for non-shooting guests. Masseuses are available and the region is temperate year around. Horseback riding, touring and shopping trips to Cordoba can be arranged at an added cost. Non-shooting rates are available upon request. A 12-month shooting destination, Cordoba is an excellent addition to any shooting or fishing departure in Argentina or Chile.


$695 nightly rate per person, non-hunter $350 per person per night, Shells: $22.50 - $23.50 per box (12 & 20 gauge national shells), hunting license $70 per person per day, gun rental $115 per person per day, single room $100 per person per night if available, single-person transfer $150 per direct

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Cordoba Lodge
Fully renovated Cordoba Lodge offering six bedrooms
Cordoba Lodge
Shot diversity is the signature of Cordoba Lodge dove shooting in Argentina
Cordoba Lodge
Frontiers understands that dove shooting is tough work, relax
Large rooms, bath en-suite and huge dove populations come standard
Cordoba Lodge
Undulating terrain at Cordoba Lodge
Cordoba Lodge
Cordoba Lodge
Fine wine and gourmet cuisine at a price point in Cordoba
Frontiers, Tarquin Millington Drake, letting the smoke clear
Cordoba Lodge
Millions of Argentina doves in Cordoba Province
Cordoba Lodge
Cordoba Lodge
Cordoba Lodge
Some come to Cordoba just for the Argentine Asado in the field
Cordoba Lodge
Cordoba Lodge
Cordoba Lodge
Cordoba Lodge


Córdoba Lodge