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Elaine Wissolik

Elaine Wissolik

Senior Program Manager


Specializes in South America wingshooting and Mongolia fishing programs.

Elaine Wissolik joined the South America Department at Frontiers in 2003. A native of Tanzania, she has many years of experience in the international travel industry. Elaine manages all of our wingshooting programs in South America. She lives to be in the outdoors and is happy to share her firsthand knowledge with clients.


International BlogAutumn in Argentina – A Wingshooting Trip Report
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Mongolia Fishing

Aggressive taimen on top-water and sub-surface flies in North-Central Mongolia

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AK Hunts - Big Game

Free range stag; lake district of Patagonia, Rio Negro Province, Argentina

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Cordoba Lodge

Cordoba Lodge - The best value high volume dove shooting in Argentina

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El Monte Lodge

Fantastic high volume shooting and service in a relaxed family atmosphere

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Estancia Santa Rita

Migratory ducks over decoys from dry blinds & more with Patagonia Outfitters

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Jacana Lodge

Decoyed ducks and 5-star accommodation in famous Lincoln, Buenos Aires Province

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La Dormida Lodge

Offers year-round dove shooting at a small venue in Córdoba Province, Argentina

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Los Crestones Lodge

Mixed bag shooting less than 2 hours from the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Montaraz Lodge

Decoyed pigeons easily combined with volume Cordoba dove shooting

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Pica Zuro Lodge

The lodge that started it all; the first in Cordoba Province, Argentina

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Rincon de Luna - Big Game

Trophy stag and exotic species in the Calamuchitas Valley; southwest of Cordoba

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River Plate Wingshooting - Entre Rios

Argentina’s best duck and dove combos located only 3 hours from Buenos Aires

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La Leyenda Lodge

High volume doves along the vast cortinas of Santa Cruz Province, Bolivia

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San Juan Lodge

Mixed Bag: Volume Dove, Perdiz Over Setters and Decoyed Pigeon—Paysandu, Uruguay

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Estancia La Bellaca

Uruguayan costal decoyed pigeons, perdiz over pointers and mixed bag shooting

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River Plate Wingshooting – 5 Feather Program

Mixed-bag hunt from 2 classic estancias in La Pampa and Buenos Aires provinces

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Red Stag Tupungato - Big Game

Red deer in Argentina’s wine country. Hunt in the shadows of Mt. Tupungato

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Red Stag Junin - Big Game

100,000-acre family owned estancia in the high desert foothills of the Andes

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Uruguay Lodge

Mixed bag: Perdiz Over Dogs, Doves, and Puddle Ducks—Rio Negro, Uruguay

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AO Mountain Camp - Big Game

200,000 magnificent acres of pure mountain high country stag hunt in Patagonia

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Estancia Collon co

The Ranch Where the First Red Stag was brought to Patagonia over 95 years ago

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Tuku Lodge

Extraordinary Volume Pigeon and Dove Shooting in Scenic Salta Province

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