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Deer hunting or Stalking as it is known as in Europe is a very traditional past time. The main species of interest is the Roe Deer with many Europeans hunters becoming obsessed with these medium sized deer. Deer are prevalent across the UK and can be hunted in many different environments. For the more adventurous we have the highlands of Scotland where there is nothing more majestic than a day on the hill in pursuit of the Monarch of the Glen with your stalker. For those after a gentler hunt there are the Home Counties of southern England, home of a European favorite the Roe Deer.


Frontiers has direct access to some of the best Roe Stalking in the UK. Alongside this we are able to offer very good Fallow and Muntjac Stalking. For those looking for a traditional Scottish experience we are able to arrange a suitable trip depending on the specifics. Others species on request.


Stalkers in the UK can be accommodated in a wide variety of accommodation types. From remote Scottish Castles and Lodges to small quaint English country pubs and B&B’s. Depending on your trip requirements we will provide the best advice depending on the scenario.


A .243 is the smallest caliber rifle that can be used to hunt deer in the UK. For the larger species we recommend a minimum of .270. Rifles can be rented on most of our Estates. We will provide expert advice on what clothing to bring depending on the trip specifics and time of year.

Trip Specifics

Meet with the stalker at the arranged time and location. If required visit the rifle range to confirm your ability to shoot or to check the zero of your rifle. Head out for your stalking session, they typically last 3 hours and happen during first and last light. If you find a suitable cull animal wait for the stalker to confirm you should take the shot. Prepare the carcass and carry on enjoying your stalk.


Daily rates starting from £130 for a morning or afternoon. Trophy Culls starting from £700.00

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England -  Stalking
England -  Stalking
England -  Stalking
England -  Stalking
England -  Stalking
England -  Stalking
England -  Stalking
England -  Stalking
England -  Stalking


Stalking with Frontiers in the UK


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