Featured Alaska for 2023: Early and Late Season at Intricate Bay Lodge and Outpost

Imagine experiencing top-notch trout and salmon fishing in Alaska from a smaller, boutique-like remote lodge. Now picture fly-out fishing and a private chef. If this sounds like your ideal vision of an Alaska fishing trip, consider Intricate Bay Lodge and Intricate Bay Outpost; sister lodges on Lake Iliamna.

The Fishing

While these lodges offer superb fishing throughout the season, some of our favorite opportunities lie within the early and late season trout fishing. In June, salmon smolt migrate back to the ocean by the millions. Small fry patterns are deadly, and the streamer fishing can be unbelievable. June and early July offer unparalleled dry fly fishing and mousing on the Copper River for hungry rainbows waking up from their winter dormancy. September is the best month to go after a true trophy trout. After gorging on salmon eggs for weeks, these big-shouldered brutes will put on substantial weight getting into the double digits. Flesh flies, leach patterns, articulated streamers (e.g., Dolly Llamas) all come into play during the late season. The bigger the better.

The Lodge

They offer two lodging options to fit the budget restraints of discerning anglers looking for a value-oriented trip that will check all the boxes for an outstanding Alaska fishing experience. Fly and spin fishers welcome. Both lodges offer 5 ½ days fishing with either 3 or 5 flyout trips during your stay.

Intricate Bay Lodge offers 5 double lodge rooms and 2 private cabins (all with en-suite bath/shower) for groups up of 10-14. This lodge is hosted by the owner, Brian Harry, who will make your feel right at home in this newer state-of-the-art lodge. Fly-out to the best of the best rivers of Katmai National Park and Bristol Bay to experience some of the finest trout and salmon fishing Alaska has to offer.

Dates available at Intricate Bay Lodge for 2023 (Saturday-Friday): 
June 17-23 (Excellent early trout on mice and dry flies!!)
July 1-7
August 19-25 (Excellent silver salmon and trout on beads)
September 9-15 (Later season for fall-fattened trout)

The Outpost

The Outpost is the more rustic sister lodge located about 1 mile from Intricate Bay Lodge. Experience the same fishing options but in a smaller more intimate lodge setting. The Outpost has 6 bedrooms for up to 8 guests. 8 guests have the lodge exclusive for the week so intact groups can have personalized lodge experience with just their family or friends. 
Dates available at Intricate Bay Outpost for 2023 (Sunday-Saturday):
June 18-24 (excellent early trout on mice and dry flies!!)
Aug. 13-19 (excellent silver salmon and trout on beads)
Aug. 27-Sept. 2
Sept. 10-16 (later season for fall-fattened trout)
There are other open dates at both lodges throughout the season as well. For more information and to book one of the Intricate Bay lodges, call Tom Gilliland or Hank Ingram in the US or Tarquin Millington-Drake in the UK.

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