Giant Trevally

Fly Fishing For Giant Trevally

Giant trevally are the kings of the jack family. Ferocious predators that were made famous for their bird hunting antics on Blue Planet II. They grow to a maximum size of 170cm and can weigh in at up to 80kgs but you won't be catching them that size on a fly rod!. They are found in the Indo-Pacific region.

Where can you fish for Giant trevally?

You can fly fish for Giant trevally in the Seychelles, Maldives, Christmas Island, Oman.

Fishing Tackle for Giant trevally

If there is one fish that's going to test your tackle to the limit then its the infamous GT. To effectively fish for a GT on the fly you will need an 11 or 12 weight rod. The reel is your most important bit of kit when fighting them, it must have a bombproof drag or the GT will simply melt the drag system. Like all bullies if you stand up to them they quickly back down. Fight hard and don't let them bully you. 

Fishing flies for Giant trevally

GT's primary food source is fish, so the flies typically used are bait fish style flies such as a brush fly. Poppers are also very popular and something like a N.Y.A.P can be very effective in fooling a GT. The hooks must be solid, a Gamagatsu SL12 or similar. Expect an excited GT to chase the fly all the way to the rod tip.

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