Golden Trevally

About Golden Trevally

Golden trevally are a member of the Carangidae (jack) family, they are an inshore species which means they can be targeted by fly fishermen. Like all trevally species the golden is somewhat over shadowed by its bigger cousin the Giant trevally. Like all trevally species they fight well, with long powerful runs that will test your endurance and tackle. 

Where to fish for Golden Trevally

Golden trevally are found across the Indo-Pacific oceans. You can fish for them on a fly in Dubai and the Seychelles.

Fishing tackle for Golden Trevally

A 9ft 9 weight will work for smaller golden, for the larger fish you might want to step it up to a 10 or 11 weight.  Your rod needs to be paired with a good solid large arbor saltwater reel with a smooth drag that can handle their long powerful runs. 

Fishing flies for Golden Trevally

Golden trevally's primary prey is smaller baitfish and crustaceans. For flies you want a selection of brush flies, clousers and crab patterns. 

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