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Hosted Trip

The Escorted Group Difference: Unparalleled Service and Knowledge Every Step of the Way.

If you were to spin the globe and place a finger on nearly any continent, chances are Frontiers has created a customized and unforgettable experience for a client there. We can help you chase Atlantic salmon on the Kola Peninsula in Russia or confirm the exclusive penthouse suite in Paris. If saltwater flats fishing in the Seychelles or a month long excursion in New Zealand is more your style – we have you covered. Our destination specialists know the private trout streams in Chile, spring creeks in the American West and how to pick the best hotel across Asia. We share your passion for the ultimate travel experience.

With hosted trips, we take it a step further. We not only customize your journey, we are right there with you every step of the way. Hosted trip participants receive the same level of detail in their pretrip documents and final itineraries as all clients. Plus, they receive first-hand knowledge from years of time our hosts have spent in the field. We are there to answer questions about fly selection or knots; share casting guidance fishing an unknown river or simply tidy up your back cast. We’ll even loan you a pair of sunglasses – all at no additional cost. You will explore the world with like-minded travelers and create memories that turn into stories for generations to come.

Hosted Trips

Turneffe Flats Lodge, April/May 2020

Join Barry and Cathy Beck on a World-class Fly Fishing, Diving and Eco-adventure

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Salvelinus Outfitters, October 2020

Experience a Week of Trout Fishing in Spain’s Eastern Pyrenees

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Pira Lodge and Suinda Lodge, January 2020

Targeting Golden Dorado in Two Absolute Unique Fisheries in Northeast Argentina

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Argentina Waters, December 2019

Join Barry and Cathy Beck and Fish Trout-filled Waters Around Los Alerces

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Estancia Tecka, March 2020

Fish Miles of Private Trout Water Inside One of the Largest Ranches in Argentina

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San Huberto, March/April 2020

Experience the Inexhaustible and Diverse Hatches of the Malleo River

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Estancia Laguna Verde, February 2020

Catch the Largest Rainbow Trout of Your Life at Laguna Verde

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Smith River, June 2020

Montana point-to-point Drift Trout Fishing with a Frontiers Host

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Ireland & Scotland, June 2020

Combine the Trout Streams of Ireland with the Best Salmon Rivers in Scotland

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Kingfisher Lodge, August 2020

Get your Fishing Fix at One of Barry and Cathy Beck’s Favorite Rivers

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2020 Barry & Cathy Beck - Turneffe Flats Lodge

Fly fishing in Belize

2020 Barry & Cathy Beck Departure - Spain

Trout Fishing in the Eastern Pyrenees Mountains

2019 Barry & Cathy Beck Departure - Argentina

Argentina Waters
(December 2 - 7, 2019)

2020 Barry & Cathy Beck Departure - Argentina

Pira Lodge and Suinda Lodge
(January 11 - 21)

2020 Barry & Cathy Beck Departure - Argentina

Estancia Tecka
(March 19 - 30, 2020)

2020 Barry & Cathy Beck Departure - Argentina

San Huberto
(December 2 - 7, 2019)

2020 Barry & Cathy Beck Departure - Argentina

Laguna Verde
(February 6 - 18, 2020)

2020 Derek Hathazy Departure - Smith River

Fly Fishing in Montana

2020 Barry & Cathy Beck Departure - Ireland & Scotland

(June 23 - July 5, 2020)

2020 Barry & Cathy Beck Departure – Bighorn River, Montana

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