Iceland’s salmon season of  2020 is getting closer


Currently, Iceland is experiencing some very extreme winter weather which is hugely encouraging for the coming season. There is an abnormal amount of snowfall for this time of year, something we have not seen in Iceland for some years! With consistent freezing temperatures, meaning the snow should last well into the spring & summer this will give us plenty of water for the coming season. A nice thought given last year’s low water issues.

We have some prime space left on some fantastic rivers in Iceland including the Kjarra, Big Laxa, Nordura, Vididalsa, Blanda. If you want to spend your summer on one of these scenic rivers please contact us for more detailed information.

Available Dates:

23rd to 27th July 2020 
4 days fishing  

18th to 21st July
21st to 24th July

18th to 21st July
3rd to 6th July  
6th to 9th July
9th to 12th July

9th to 12th July
12th to 15th July
15th to 18th July
27th to 30th July
2nd to 5th August 
5th to 9th August 
16th to 19th August 

30th July to 5th August

Big Laxa:
5th to 8th August  
8th to 11th August 


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