Lake Thingvallavatn - Iceland - Last Available Rods

Last Rods For Giant Trout In Iceland

Last available dates for Lake Thingvallavatn 2019:

5th to 8th June – 1 rod

8th to 11th – 4 rods

Lake Thingvallavatn, Iceland.

A name that’s is being used more and more in the world of fly fishing. Arguably, and most likely true, the lake is home to the world’s largest wild brown trout. A unique combination of luck & natures way, has enabled these, once sea run trout over millions of years to adapt to cold climates and feed on large arctic char. The intelligent species of fish have learnt, that by laying in the small hot springs (warm water) this increases their metabolism and allows their feeding to be more frequent, resulting in fish up 30lb.

Thingvallavatn is located in beautiful wild Iceland, ancient volcanic structures and white caps in the distance. 5-star accommodation and only 45 min from the capital city. A dream trip!


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