Fly Fishing for Milkfish - (Chanos Chanos)

Milkfish have an affectionate name, the fish of a thousand casts. To even hook a milky you need to be prepared to put in the time and effort. Once hooked then you are going to need to put in even more effort. The power-to-weight ratio of the milkfish makes it a challenging adversary to catch. Be prepared for some reel-melting runs followed up by some spectacular aerobatics. The best part of the fight can go on for hours; tiring these fish out is a battle of wills and stamina. 

Where can you fish for Milkfish?

You can fly fish for milkfish in the Seychelles, Christmas Island and various other destinations. 

Fishing Tackle for Milkfish

You will want a 9 or 10 weight 9 foot rod paired with a good saltwater reel and a floating tropical line. 

Fishing flies for Milkfish

The fly selection for milkfish could not be any simpler. As milkfish only eat algae you need a fly that represents some floating algae. The best one is Waynes Milky Magic. 

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