A step back in time to a proud country immersed in rich nomadic traditions while fishing for giant taimen on the fly.

Mongolia boasts a population of only 3.5 million people and is most noted for its vast, rugged expanses and nomadic culture. It is not uncommon to see a Mercedes G Wagon followed by a family in an ox-drawn card cruising down the road of the capital city of Ulaanbaatar with their goat heard in tow a true melting of modern and historic cultures. The countryside is so sparsely populated that it is common to drive across the landscape for days without interacting with a single human being. This unsettled land is a perfect habitat for elusive species such as snow Leopard, Siberian Ibex, grey wolves, wild horses, and of course the Giant Taimen. This species is an evolved salmonid species known for its ability to grow to immense sizes with an affection for dry fly patterns from the surface of rivers in a violent explosion of ferocity. If one asks returning fishermen about Mongolia they will tell you that it was the fishing that drew them to the country, but it is the country and it's wandering inhabitants that won their hearts and fuelled a longing to return.

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Mongolia Fishing

Aggressive taimen on top-water and sub-surface flies in North-Central Mongolia

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