Plan for 2023 - Seychelles!

With travel fully open and no covid restrictions the Seychelles fishing options are filling up quickly. If you want to plan your trip for 2023 get in touch now!

Alphonse - This is the all round destination, great for solely fishing or taking the family along. The Alphonse resort is world class with non-fishing activities including swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, bicycling, tennis and more. The main species to target here are bonefish, milkfish, GT's & triggers (and the occasional permit).

Cosmoledo - Cosmoledo has become known as one of the best giant trevally fisheries in the world and has now become the benchmark for fly fishers searching for an outstanding saltwater fishing experience. This is the GT capital of the world, other species are available but the GT is the main event. Cosmoledo also offers a eco lodge with very comfortable accommodation. 

Farquhar - This is one of the more adventurous Seychelles destinations. While the accommodation is still comfortable you will be targeting bonefish, bumphead, triggers, GTs and permit. The fishing here is for the more experienced anglers. 

Astove - Renowned as one of the premier GT fisheries in the world, guests wade the lagoon’s white sand flats, the reef flats and the channel leading to the ocean or give bluewater fly fishing a try. Access to the various fishing spots is by boat or by land via ATV. High quality wading boots are vital.

Providence - Providence has it all; GT’s, triggerfish, bonefish, milkfish, permit and bumphead parrotfish. With deep water nearby, fish for yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, wahoo and sailfish; all on a fly. Watching a pack of GT’s ravage a school of bonefish on the flats is a sight you’ll never forget.

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