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Ryabaga Camp: A Home for All Anglers

During the 12th week of the 2018 salmon season Ryabaga Camp was host to a wonderful group of Finish and British guests. For the second week in a row, our dear friend Erkki M. was in Ryabaga along with his special group of colleagues and friends. Wonderfully, some of these folks were in camp to chase Atlantic salmon for the very first time, and needless to say they returned home with their wishes both fulfilled and exceeded. Several guests this week enjoyed that magical take, that remarkable fight, and that time-honored ceremony that surrounds a first Atlantic salmon. We were privileged to share this unforgettable landmark in the life of an angler with such individuals; after all, though it’s almost guaranteed that in Ryabaga each angler will enjoy a parade of fish over the course of a given week, there is never another “FIRST”. It is somewhat challenging to explain what happens within an angler’s mind and soul when that first connection is finally established, when a collection of inanimate gear becomes electric and alive with the take and pull of a good salmon. As evidenced this week, it is a feeling that a new salmon angler may not be able to adequately explain, but it remains a feeling that the angler wants to experience over and over again.

Vesa L., Petri Y., Jukka J. and Harri V. were those who experienced the take of an Atlantic salmon for the first time last week; it is quite clear that they will be forever hooked.

Despite the individual successes, the week certainly did not get off to an easy start, as the river was extremely low and kept dropping. Fortunately, the weather was cool and cloudy and almost windless, which helped the anglers’ chances, and certainly impacted the success rate. The group that stayed with us this past week went home boasting an average of 15 fish per angler for the week, with the percentage of bright fish improving steadily as the week passed. To cap off the positives, there were several big fish caught throughout the week, most notably the 20 lb. belter that Erkki M. managed on the very last day.

We cannot forget to mention the after-dinner entertainment, specifically the live music performed by Yrjo O., Heiki H. and Markus S. These performances made the atmosphere in the Big Tent as unforgettable as any of the fish landed this week.

We can’t feel anything but gratitude towards our guests for their positive attitudes, friendly ways, and appreciation of this place. We thank all of them for choosing our ‘home’ upon which to leave their indelible mark, and we hope that we were able to make as positive an impact on the group as the group made on us.

Tight Lines,

Agustin C. Lo Greco

Ryabaga Camp Manager

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