Ponoi Weekly Report- 20th to 26th September, 2021

Running Fish and Happy Anglers!

With the fall season in full swing, we welcomed groups from the USA, the UK, and Kazakhstan to Ryabaga this week. Yet again, it was great to see so many old friends back here in camp after such a long absence, and it was a special treat to share our river with a few anglers who were making their first pilgrimage to Russia. We had a variety of conditions through the week, starting with a couple cold nights that brought the water temperature down below 5 degrees Celsius. Towards the end of the week the wind switched from north to south and the air warmed up accordingly. The fishing followed this trend and we saw good numbers of fish throughout the week, especially in the last few days. Fish were caught above and below camp, all the way up in Kolmak to down below Tomba. On the final day, many running fish were spotted and caught through the lower beats, evidence that fresh fish are still very much entering the Ponoi system.

In addition to some great fishing throughout Ryabaga waters during the day, a few anglers enjoyed some fantastic action in the Ryabaga Home Pool during the off hours. Keith fished a session every morning and evening and added over 10 fish to his total for the week. Some of these were very nice fall-run salmon of more than 15 pounds, and one beauty looked like it must have weighed in just under 20. Keith commented several times that it was truly the “best salmon pool on earth!”

There were some outstanding fish taken on the river this week. On the first day of fishing, Alexander enjoyed an immaculate fresh fish of 18 lb. with guide Ruslan in the Kolovai Beat. Day 2 brought quite a number of big fish, with Jane landing two 16 lb. beauties, and a 14 lb. fish each for both John and Paul. Hubert had a few fish in this range as well, with multiple fish over 10 lb. landed on Days 3 and 6. Jane finished the week off with one more 16 lb. and Len landed a 15 lb. sea-liced fish that he regarded as “the strongest fish he has hooked on this river.” Len has spent over 60 weeks fishing in Ryabaga, so such a qualification certainly means a lot. These deep-bodied, fall-run salmon are some of the most spectacular fish an angler can experience. Once an angler has felt the raw power of one, it is not just the fish that is hooked. It is this incredible power experienced in this remarkable place that keeps guests coming back year after year, sometimes for more than just a week!

It has been a pleasure to open Ryabaga to guests from around the world once again, and as Fall continues, the run looks only more promising. For current updates and photos from the river be sure to check out our social media accounts (@ponoiriverco). Until next time, tight lines, and thanks for sharing this special place with us.

All the Best,

Max Kantor

Ryabaga Camp Manager

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