Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is renowned for offering some of the world's most exceptional tarpon and permit fishing experiences. Its accessibility from the United States is unparalleled, with many major airports across the country providing direct flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU). This makes the journey incredibly convenient for US-based anglers.

One of the most significant advantages of traveling to Puerto Rico for US citizens is the simplicity of the travel requirements. A passport is not needed, nor is there a need to go through customs when leaving or returning. This ease of travel means that anglers can embark on their fishing adventure with minimal preparation—essentially, all that's needed is a change of clothes, a driver’s license, and a pair of sunglasses.

Moreover, Puerto Rico's rich cultural heritage, beautiful beaches, and vibrant local cuisine add to the appeal of a fishing trip, making it an all-encompassing vacation destination. The island's diverse ecosystems and protected marine areas ensure abundant fishing opportunities in pristine environments, further enhancing its status as a premier fishing location.

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