Rio Marie Fishing Report 5th to 12th December, 2019

Rio Marie weather conditions were mostly sunny every day with some occasional showers during the day, usually in the afternoon. We also had some rainy nights during the week. Temperatures ranged between 34-37°C. Water temperatures were between 28-29°C.

They had been facing high water levels in recent weeks. To remedy the situation, they have been going far up the Rio Turi to find better water levels and increase fishing productivity. Indeed, they found success. Going far up the Rio Turi paid off and they had far more action than they would have had otherwise. The group caught a lot of butterflies and had a great deal of fun chasing these fish. The big peacock bass were slow to take flies, but anglers did catch some very nice fish. 
Fishing Stats:
Number of anglers: 8
Butterflies caught: 326
Temensis caught: 21
Temensis over 10 pounds: 4
Temensis over 15 pounds: 7
Temensis over 20 pounds: 1
Highlight of the Week: A big 18-pound peacock bass was caught on the very last cast of the day by Andrew. This is proof that it is worth pushing to the end, having faith, and being ready! They also had a lot of peacock bass doubles, which made for a great deal of fun.

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