Rooster Fish

About Fly Fishing for Roosterfish

A mature roosterfish is a tough challenge, these fish get wise with age. The mature Roosterfish is a fickle and stubborn adversary who will refuse a perfectly presented fly for no apparent reason. The most exciting but not the most productive way to fish for roosterfish is walking the beaches looking for cruising fish. Once you located a fish you need to position yourself on an interception course. From there in theory it's easy, drop the fly in front of the fish and strip fast and steady, good luck! The other more productive method for catching them is to tease them up to the surface behind a boat as you would most blue water species. 

Where can you fish for Roosterfish

Roosterfish reside in the Pacific Ocean and they are caught around the Central American countries such has Mexico and Costa Rica. 

Fishing Tackle for Roosterfish

For the small and medium roosterfish you should be comfortable with a 9 or 10 weight. If you are chasing one of the monsters you are certainly going to want to step that up to an 11 or 12 weight. Floating or intermediate lines work the best for roosters. 

Flies for Roosterfish

Matching the fly to their current prey is going to increase your success rate. Think brush flies, clousers and crease flies. 

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