Salmon and Steelhead of BC Advisory Service

Ask us for advice on the myriad of lodges, camps and guides in British Columbia

We do feature some lodges on this website but there are dozens more that we know well and can get space on if planned in advance. We also know some excellent guide services and wilderness camps and even some great out of season options. There is a such a wide choice in BC we thought it worth making sure that you know we can put together itineraries combining lodges and camps or guide services with local hotels and Inns. We know many of them and we know many of the best operators in the area. For some, BC is a long way to go so a few extra days makes it that much more worthwhile.


BC has some of the most diverse fishing of any state, the options are almost limitless from great trout fishing to some of the biggest King or Chinnook salmon in the world to the most famous steelhead rivers on the globe. There is also a great run of Silver salmon that arrives with the steelhead.


There are some superb lodges in BC. Equally there are some more rugged camp options which might be the only choice if you want the superb wilderness fishing. There are also some very good guide services but these often require hotel, Inn or even private house accommodation.


Double-handed rods with multi-tip lines and quality reels with plenty of backing, over 400 yards for the Kings, is the standard equipment. Good quality waders and clothing based around a layer system to cope with changable weather. Bring a boat bag to leave your extra layers, cameras, fly boxes etc.

Trip Specifics

Listing what the trip specifics are is difficult until you have given us a call and we have heared what your objectives are, helped design a plan. What is for sure is that when that plan is made, we are there to help put it together whether you require hotel or lodge accommodation, in-lodge guides or a guide service, car or helicopter hire or hard core fishing verses a family place to enjoy all that BC has to offer. Just give us a call and tell us your objectives and we'll advise you.


Rates vary but an average is CAN $7,500 per person based on 7 nights/6 days fishing sharing a room and guide plus tax and licence. Guide services are about US$600 pp per day to include transport and lunch on the river. The best hotels range from CAN $2,000 to CAN $170 / night depending on location.

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