Seychelles Fishing News - 10th February to 9th March 2022

Alphonse Island fishing news - 12th to 19th February 2022

A week of four seasons in one day here on Alphonse this week, with some crazy winds and massive thundershowers. We did however persevere and had some better weather towards the end of the week resulting in an epic last day on the flats.

It’s been a week of GT’s and triggers, with another four GT recaptures, contributing to the valuable data collected on GT behaviour. Bob, Julian and Mark all managed to land themselves their first G’s with Bob’s being the biggest of the week measuring a lovely 86 cm. Earl, Brian, Greg, Mark Holme, Collin, Donald, Alister, Jim and Digby all managed to catch G’s this week as well, with Mark being the GT angler of the week catching four.

On the bonefish front, Mark, Janet, Jenny, Gordon and Randall all managed to catch their first bonefish. Randal, Julian and Janet took it one step further and landed 20+ bonefish on a few consecutive days. Janet also managed to land a bonefish over 60 cm. The triggers were obliging this week with five being landed, Bob and Colin managed to catch their first moustache triggerfish, while Janet was on a mission all week to catch a triggerfish and that she did catching a lovely yellowmargin triggerfish. Randal had an epic last day on the flats managing to catch his first GT of 69 cm, a recapture as well, his first moustache triggerfish and finally a bonefish to finish off the flats slam with one minute to spare!

Well done to all the anglers new and old for an awesome week of fishing. It was great to see some very seasoned anglers and old faces back on Alphonse and we hope to see all of you again soon. That’s it from us here on Alphonse stay tuned for next week’s updates. The weather is looking phenomenal, and the tides are moving towards neaps so hopefully there will be lots of catches to report!

Tight Lines,

Alphonse Fishing Co. from Alphonse Island 

Bonefish 334
Giant trevally 22
Triggerfish 5
Bluefin trevally 4
Bohar Snapper 1

Alphonse Island fishing news - 19th to 26th February 2022

A week of GTs in tricky weather here on Alphonse, starting with strong winds, almost cancelling a day or two at the start of the week, but as the week progressed the weather was spectacular with blue skies and windless days. Although we had tough conditions that didn’t stop our anglers from catching some awesome fish, with over 30 GTs being caught this week!

Starting with bonefish Jessie managed to catch his first, while Graham managed to catch his first bonefish over 60 cm. Miles, Peter, Jessie and Graham also all managed to catch 20+ bonefish in a day, which crowned them a part of the 20+ Bonefish Club. On the GT side of things, Phillipe, Jake, Jessie and Benoit all did really well and managed to catch their first 1st GTs, with Benoit getting a really nice first fish of 82 cm. Brian also managed a really nice size GT of 92 cm, although Bo definitely took the cake this week with a magnificent fish of 106 cm and her first fish over one metre. Bo also managed to catch an additional five GTs this week making her the ultimate GT angler for the week. Kajsa was close behind catching five in the week giving their boat a total of 11 GTs, which is phenomenal!

Some other noteworthy GT anglers included Miles who caught five GTs – one of which was a healthy 85 cm, Alister who caught four and finally Donald who added a couple to his tally. Donald did however also manage to catch his first permit which is an incredible achievement. Once again, we had one Slam this week caught by Jessie consisting of a GT (his first) a milkfish (another of his firsts) and finally a bonefish.

That’s it from us here on Alphonse this week. Next week’s weather is looking spectacular and with the spring tides coming up we should have some phenomenal fishing.

Tight Lines,

Alphonse Fishing Co. from Alphonse Island 

Bonefish 257
Giant trevally 36
Bluefin trevally 10
Permit 1
Milkfish 1

Cosmoledo Atoll fishing news - 10th to 17th February 2022

The week started off with precarious rain and wind, but being seasoned anglers the guests at Cosmo were prepared for anything that came their way! The first three days gave ample opportunity for shots at bones, grouper and GTs and once the weather eased into calmer conditions – these guests cranked up the catch stats, with boats ending the day with six to ten GTs and a few other interesting species to add to the bucket lists.
Michael and Klaus started things got into some offshore action. Michael stretched the tape to the one metre mark for his personal best GT of 102 cm and Klaus, a magnificent saddleback grouper well over 30 pounds.
Christoph had a tough start but got into some phenomenal GT action eventually and ticked off a great new species with a solid dogtooth tuna. Helmut never-stop-casting Zaderer had two special days with two triggers and a 103 cm GT. Helmut’s best day by far was mid-week where he started with his first fish in the morning being a 102cm GT and then added another seven GTs, and finished with a 104 cm GT in the afternoon. Unbelievable fishing and a most memorable day!
Christoph after only landing his first GT ever added a personal best which tested his tackle and patience, 119 cm silver slab of power! By far fish of the week and a truly deserved achievement.

Tight Lines,

Alphonse Fishing Co. from Cosmoledo Atoll

Giant trevally 64
Bonefish 12
Trigger fish 2

Cosmoledo Atoll fishing news - 17th to 24th February 2022

Week 15, 12 anglers, the week started with the tail end of the springs moving into a full neap. The first three days we had postcard-perfect conditions and lots of moving water. The fish loved it and we had a few special moments in the surf with multiple fish on rays and big fish riding in on the surf on almost every swell!

Brad Edwards started his experience with a walk in the surf and had multiple shots on GTs and various trigger species. Eventually, after lots of persistence, Brad managed to hook and land his first trigger. Not only was it Brad’s first but one of the more uncommon species landed on the flats a blue triggerfish while Carl landed a moustache trigger in the surf. On the topic of rare and special fish to catch, Jeff managed a magical emerald parrotfish Midweek!

The GTs were definitely around with incredible sightings of 30+ fish seen on rays and in the waves of the surf. All the anglers took their best chances and landed some lovely fish, and will certainly hope to welcome you back to tame the beast!

Tight lines,

from the Alphonse Fishing Co. Team on Cosmoledo

Giant trevally 68
Bonefish 17
Triggerfish 2
Emerald parrotfish 1

Farquhar Atoll fishing news - 23rd February to 2nd March 2022

This week saw the re-opening of the Farquhar season after the Christmas and New Years’ break. The fishery and the guides were well rested and 10 anglers were eager to get out to the flats to start their weeks’ fishing.
Veterans of the flats, Ian and Ty had a great week, each with several GTs to their names. Ian also managed to land moustache triggerfish. Klaus and Christina had a dream start to their week as they landed nine GTs between them on the first day along with a handful of bonefish. They didn’t stop there as they each managed to get a Flats Slam on the same day consisting of a GT, triggerfish and bonefish. A very special day for them to remember!
John managed to land a GT everyday along with some decent bonefish. Sadly he missed the bonefish when he needed it the most to complete the Flats Slam. That day he managed to land three moustache triggerfish with biggest being a hefty 45 cm! He also landed a decent 87cm GT that was hooked and landed well into the surf zone which he did well to present his fly in deep water and rolling waves.
Robert had a cracker week as he managed to land the only two bumphead parrotfish of the week. Sadly, true to their nature, once in hand they didn’t stick around to get a decent photo. He also managed to land the only GT over the 1 metre mark with a very impressive 105cm beast.
Newcomers to the saltwater flats Vasili, Andrew, Jake and Brad who improved drastically throughout the week and all managed to land their first GTs, and Andrew managing to land the first moustache triggerfish of the week. Jake came so close to breaking the 1 metre mark with his still very impressive 99 cm GT caught cruising the shallow turtle grass flats.
Even with some unfavourable weather conditions from time to time, the team caught some great fish.

Tight lines, 

from Alphonse Fishing Co. on Farquhar Atoll

Giant trevally 41
Bonefish 28
Triggerfish 7
Bumphead parrotfish 2

Farquhar Atoll fishing news - 2nd to 9th March 2022

This week saw the return of the Turley brothers Greg and Niall together with their friends Bill, Nick, Harry, Dan and Henrik. The weather sadly wasn’t on our side, however despite some challenges throughout the week the team still managed some great catches.

True to their nature, there were several bumphead parrotfish hooked and lost, however, Henrick managed to land the only bumpy of the week along with a couple of decent GT. Dan had a solid week with GTs and managed a moustache triggerfish.

Greg managed a couple of GTs and landed the biggest of the week, measuring bang on the one-metre mark with Niall wrapping up a bunch of GTs himself. Nick had a great week with a few GTs and had a great day by landing three moustache triggers during a surf walk, the biggest measuring an impressive 51cm. Despite the testing conditions, Bill still managed a GT and sadly lost two bumpys.

Harry came out on top rod with 7 GTs. He also managed a Flats Slam by landing a GT, bonefish and triggerfish in one day. At the end of the week, the catch numbers were as follows.

Tight lines,

from the Alphonse Fishing Co. Team on Farquhar

Giant trevally 11
Bonefish 60
Triggerfish 8
Permit 1

Astove Atoll fishing news - 14th to 21st February 2022

Week 15 started off with calm conditions and exciting spring tides and with the new group of anglers coming from a mostly saltwater background, they were all very excited to get out to the Seychelles and onto Astove island! On arrival, we had a quick tackle setup and a rundown on what to expect and how to handle the fish and how to present the fly to them, and then it was game on!
On day one, practice paid off for Jeremy, where he went out and managed to get himself two Flats Slams, with two nice GTs, two big triggers and two sizer bonefish!
On the second day John went out with the same game face as Jeremy and he managed to get himself a nice Flats Slam, where he got the trigger first, and then the hunt was on for the GT! In the late afternoon, John spotted a spectacular geet on a ray on the East, and he made the perfect cast and with one strip he managed to hook the geet and then bring the 80 cm geet to hand!
As the week progressed the weather and fishing got a little tough but it did not stop Greg and Anne from getting themselves some nice big bonefish in the morning and as the day went on the triggers started to show up. Anne was first up and it did not take her long to land one of these finicky fighters, as she hooked and landed one on her second cast! With that, the pressure was on for her husband, Greg, and thankfully with great skill and patience, he landed a big trigger of 50 cm, that he had been casting to for 10 minutes. A very well done!
On the second-to-last day, Michael and Jeremy took a walk along the cliffs off Astove where they saw a few good-sized geets. Jeremy was up first he managed to land a 79 cm geet after he had to jump off the rocks in the water to stop the fish from cutting him off! Late that afternoon Michael saw a nice geet sitting on a ray he made the cast and with one strip he was on he managed to land a fish of 69 cm.
Well done to all of our anglers on Astove this week and we can’t wait to have you back in the Seychelles with us soon.
Tight lines,

from the Alphonse fishing Co. Team on Astove

Giant trevally 11
Bonefish 60
Triggerfish 8
Permit 1

Astove Atoll fishing news - 21st to 28th February 2022

Week 16 started off with calm conditions and exciting neap tides. Our new group was rearing to go for a trip they had been planning for a long time with some of the first-timers to Astove Atoll. On arrival, we had a look at all the gear and set them up with the right gear to get them their dream fish, and straight after tackle set up, the guests made their way onto the water to land their first bonefish for the week.

On day one we had some overcast weather with strong winds blowing but Patrick managed to land a very nice 78 cm GT after he lost one early that morning. As the week progressed the weather got better and so did the fishing! 

Jeremy was on a trigger mission from the day he arrived and has had the dreaded trigger curse for the last six years. He finally managed to get the monkey off his shoulder and after a few days of trying, he landed a beautiful 50 cm giant triggerfish, putting an end to the curse! To many more triggers Jeremy!

On day four we saw two nice fish eat and smash baitfish on the flats and Oliver had to run and cut them off before they returned to the deep blue. He managed to get in front of them and made a nice cast in the right zone and hooked and landed a nice 92 cm GT. James had some action on the outer reef a day later where he managed to hook and land five geets in one-afternoon session and the biggest being 75 cm. 

On the second last day, Jeremy had some nice bonefishing and not long after releasing the first bonefish he managed to hook a stunning Permit, definitely a fish of a lifetime!

Tight lines,

from the Alphonse fishing Co. Team on Astove

Giant trevally 13
Bonefish 50
Triggerfish 1
Permit 1

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