Seychelles fishing news - Alphonse & Farquhar

Alphonse Island Fishing News - 9th to 16th October 2021

We were blessed with impeccable weather once again this week, with lovely sunny days on the flats. This week’s anglers caught the last few days of spring tides and finished off with neaps providing them with great fishing conditions.

This week was filled with bonefish with a staggering 343 fish caught, with a large proportion of the anglers catching 20+ bonefish producing lots of bell ringing. There have been some big bonefish around with anglers Jim, Jasper, Bruce, Wally, Leo, Murray and Keith all landing bonefish over 60 cm. The permit have also been showing themselves with Jasper catching one every day except Friday. The biggest being an incredible 74 cm fish beating his personal best.

Yvonne also managed to coax a permit to eat his alphlexo, catching his personal best fish of 68 cm. GT Friday proved to be the day, with the biggest fish for the week coming out, well done Jim on a lovely 81 cm fish. Considering the GTs were a little scarce at times, Bill and his guide Trevor decided to target some milkfish. Two and a half gruelling hours later and a trip around the atoll they landed a magnificent 104 cm milkfish. The last notable catch for the week was a 68 cm yellowdot kingfish caught by David. The bluewater fishing is still on fire, with guests David and Bill catching five sailfish and a yellowfin tuna on fly.

Well done to all the anglers on some memorable catches and we hope to see you back soon. The tides are looking great for next week with permit and trigger fishing being the choice of species for the week and GTs closer to the end of the week when the spring cycle begins to kick in. That’s it from Alphonse this week, stay tuned for next weeks catch report.

Number of Anglers: 12 
Bonefish 534
Milkfish 2
Permit 2
Giant trevally 9
Bluefin trevally  13
Triggerfish 4

Alphonse Island Fishing News - 16th to 23rd October 2021

This week’s fishing started off looking gloomy weather-wise, but the conditions turned in our favour with some stunning days. We were graced with the first westerly winds signalling the end of the ever-blowing southeast wind and calmer conditions to come. This week’s conditions involved a turn of the tides from the neap to spring cycle, the conditions are often very productive, which can be seen by the array of species caught by our guests this week. 

We thought last week’s tally of bonefish was big, but this week has taken the cake hands down with a massive 534 bonefish caught, with Jen, Anna, Hudson and Branson all landing their first bonefish. The big bonefish have still been around which is pleasing to see. Guests Nate and Al both caught bonefish over the 60 cm mark this week. 

Skyler, Michael, David and Ken all landed their first GTs this week, with Mikka catching the GT of the week measuring a hefty 107 cm. On the calmer days, the guys were able to find and fish for milkfish, enabling Mikka and Villa to catch and tick the milkfish off their species caught on fly list. Sticking with the trend of new species - Keith, Rick and David all caught their first triggerfish. Early in the week, Charlie managed a magnificent 81 cm bluefin trevally. Finally, we had two anglers who caught the holy grail of fly fishing in some tough tidal and weather conditions, well-done Charlie and Mikka on two lovely Indo-Pacific permit. 

Keeping up with the incredible few weeks the blue water team consisting of Bruce, Ken, Keith, Rick, Hector and Anna have all caught their first sailfish on fly with, Rick getting a Bills and Bones Slam and Hector adding a wahoo to his tally. Well done to all the anglers this week in some tough conditions. The weather is looking great for next week with the change in wind direction generally turning the fish on. 

Tight Lines, 

Alphonse Fishing Co. on Alphonse Atoll

Number of Anglers: 12
Bonefish 534
Milkfish 2
Permit 2
Giant trevally 9
Bluefin trevally 13
Triggerfish 4

Farquhar Atoll Fishing News - 20th to 27th October 2021

The opening week of the 2021- 2022 Farquhar season got off to an incredible start with some great catches throughout our guests. The family trio of Johnathan, Johnathan-Thomas and Jennifer had an outstanding week! Johnathan and Jennifer both managed equal Flat Slams as well as several other great species throughout the week.

Alejandro also managed a Slam that comprised of an Indo-Pacific permit, bonefish and GT. It was the first permit of the season. He also had a great variety of species under his belt at the end of the week.

Rasmus and Martin had a stellar week. Martin managed to land the first bumphead parrotfish of the season as well as the biggest GT of the week measuring an impressive 112 cm. He did not stop there as he also managed an impressive Permit after sadly losing one at the net. He also managed to land himself a Flat Slam!

Rasmus shot the lights out at mid-week with an impressive Super Slam comprising of bonefish, GT, permit and bumpy, sadly the triggerfish did not materialise. Jacob consistently ticked over the number counter with steady GT catches throughout the week but sadly lost a bumpy after a long fight.

Despite the weather not always being conducive as there was still a stiff SE trade wind blowing with patches of rain from time to time, the group were constantly in great spirits, especially around the bar in the evenings swapping the day's war stories.

Tight Lines, 

Alphonse Fishing Co. on Farquhar Atoll

Number of Anglers: 9
Giant trevally 37
Bonefish 49
Bumphead Parrotfish 4
Triggerfish 3
Permit 3

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