Seychelles Fishing News - December 2021 - January 2022

Alphonse Island Fishing News - 25th December to 1st January 2022

An extremely busy week here on Alphonse with over 80 guests. The fishing was on fire with lots of fish around. The weather treated us in the beginning of the week with some perfectly tropical-balmy days, while the end of the week proved to be a little more challenging with a good few storms and rain around.

Starting with the ghosts of the flats Ross, Marcus, Tom and Dominika all caught their first bonefish, while Lucia and Moreitz caught 20+ bonefish each. Once again, the GTs were here in full force with Taylor catching his first and getting another one later in the week. Mike, Gavin, Mark, Nick, ED, Tommy, Christian, Robert and Marcus all also managed to land a GT or two, with Marcus catching the GT of the week, a magnificent fish in the surf measuring 108 cm.

Christian and Mark will have to share the anglers of the week award because they both had some epic days on the flats, each catching over six GTs and both getting Flats Slams consisting of a GT, milkfish and bonefish. Mike took advantage of the milkfish being up and netted himself a lovely milk over one metre. Arthur and Heloise took the opportunity to fish in the salt for the first time and managed six different species each, ranging from Bohar snappers to blue spangled emperors.

Meanwhile on the bluewater side of things Joseph managed a Bills and Bones slam on his last day. Grace, Alexander, Patrick and Paddy all managed to land their first sailfish, while Patrick, Bella, Alexander and Kate all caught their first wahoo. Patrick and Bella also managed to land their first yellowfin tuna. The De Porter family also joined us on A’mani for a day and caught a sailfish, some wahoo and an etelis.

That’s a wrap from a fish filled week here on Alphonse. Well done to everyone on an epic week’s fishing and congratulations to everyone for their catches. Stay tuned for another busy catch report next week.

Tight Lines,

Alphonse Fishing Co. from Alphonse Island

Bonefish 273
Bluefin trevally 4
Giant trevally 23
Milkfish 2
Permit 1

Astove Atoll Fishing News - 30th December to 6th January 2022

Week eight on Astove Atoll started off with calm conditions and exciting spring tides. Our new group had been to the Seychelles before but it was their first time on Astove. They were very excited for the new adventure so after tackle set up the guys went out for an afternoon session and spend a few hours getting some bonefish just to get the spider webs off from not fishing in a while.
On the first day we had wonderful tides and good conditions and it did not take Wes long to get his first Astove geet, which measured 75 cm. Bill also opened his account that afternoon with a 65 cm GT, as the week progressed the fishing just got better.
Day three was a special day for Bill and his son Lake, Bill went to go spend some time in the lagoon off Astove where he started his day off with an impressive 94 cm GT and had a follow up with a 84 cm GT and rounded his day off with two more smaller GTs measuring 65 cm and 60 cm. Lake went to the surf in the morning where he got a yellowmargin triggerfish, and got a winner 96 cm GT that afternoon in the Lagoon to get  his Flats Slam.
On the next day Wes and Lake went to the lagoon  in the morning and saw lots of permit coming towards them and they both managed to land themselves a permit. On the second to last day Bill had some unfinished business in the lagoon where he was on the hunt for permit and big GT - early that morning he had a few shot at some geets and then he managed to get one big fish of 104 cm – which is the first metre fish for the season!

Tight Lines,

from Alphonse Fishing Co. from Astove Atoll
Giant trevally 18
Bonefish 50
Moustache triggerfish 3
Triggerfish 1
Permit 2

Cosmoledo Atoll - 30th December to 6th January 2022

The ninth week of the season began with seven guests and spring tides. The weather for the week was predicted to be windless and hot and we are pleased that the weather did not disappoint and nor did the fish!
Hunter and Joseph got the ball rolling with their first GTs and first moustache triggerfish catches. The group had some hard luck with big fish being seen but not landed. Stephen landing the largest fish of the week with a very respectable 85 cm GT.
Wallace Rogers was very consistent with GTs throughout the week landing two to three per day and unfortunately had one very good fish eaten by a shark in the surf.
On an afternoon surf walk Wallace and guide found the emerald parrots feeding in very shallow water. After being bitten off and cut off Wallace pushed through and managed to land a beautiful parrot.
Curtis and Hunter had two special days with very exiting GT fishing in the surf. Curtis coming home with seven and Hunter six GTs!!
Hunter started the week on fire and finished even stronger with the first milk to be landed for the 2022 season on Cosmoledo! Hunter had a week of firsts with first GT, trigger and a mighty milkfish.
Tight lines,

from the Alphonse Fishing Co. Team on Cosmoledo

Number of Anglers: 7
Giant trevally 66
Bonefish 10
Triggerfish 4
Parrotfish 1
Milkfish 1

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