Seychelles - Fishing Reports: 27th February to 9th March 2020

Alphonse Island Fishing Report 
29th February - 7th March 2020 

The fishing around Alphonse and St Francois has been exceptional over the last week. Although the weather was poor and a strong wind blew for the entire week some brilliant catches have been reported. Anglers were able to fish a neap tide for most of the week. 

The bonefishing was on top form as usual. Anglers managed to land a total of 162 bones over the week.

Day one of the fishing week was off to a very good start. Mark started the week off with a bang landing a slam consisting of three GT’s measuring 65 cm, 75 cm and 89 cm. Mark went on to land one moustache triggerfish and a bonefish. Paul, a long time Seychelles angler, landed a fantastic 70 cm permit. Paul and Alphonse guide Warren spotted the permit and after 45 minutes and four fly changes the permit took a spawning shrimp pattern. Paul now holds the record for the largest permit of the season so far, landed on St Francois.

On day two Paul went on to land three GT’s measuring 66 cm, 66 cm, and 76 cm. On day three Dave landed two GT’s measuring 80 cm and 85 cm. On day six the legendary popper fisherman Ron landed a fantastic 81cm GT.

Another fantastic week was spent at Alphonse Island fishing St Francois Atoll. Memories were made and bonds were formed that will last a lifetime. Stay tuned for next week’s report as we are sure you won’t want to miss it.

Tight Lines,
The Alphonse Fishing Co. Team on Alphonse Island 

Bonefish 162
Giant trevally 15
Bluefin trevally 4
Permit 1
Triggerfish 1

Cosmoledo Atoll Fishing Report
27th February - 5th March 2020

Jo-Ann, Kajsa, Sarah, Soren and Anders, Joanne, Mike, Cyril, Izak and Alex made up week 15 of the Cosmoledo season.

Unfortunately, tough weather conditions with high winds and rain made it difficult to convert the opportunities on the flats that were presented to the anglers this week. However, there were some great moments throughout the week. Joanne managed a Grand Slam on her first day with a milkfish, bonefish, and GT. 

Kajsa landed the biggest triggerfish of the week, a monstrous 55 cm yellow margin. However, Anders was on top with the triggerfish with two triggerfish to his name, with his father Soren having one to his name and Alex getting one.

One great highlight was when JoAnn landed her first emerald parrotfish. A fish in which she has been longing for.

On the final day, Zak was the species champion with multiple groupers including the sort after saddleback grouper to add to his list as well as a dogtooth tuna, snappers, and bluefin trevally.

Tight Lines,
The Alphonse Fishing Co. Team on Cosmoledo Atoll

Giant trevally 56
Bonefish 29
Triggerfish 5
Milkfish 1

Astove Atoll Fishing Report
2nd March - 9th March 2020

Week 17 was presented to the new guests on location with ultra neap tides and some difficult weather conditions predicted. Despite the weather and the concerns of very little water movement the guests took it all head-on and after the first day realised there were still plenty of opportunities out there.
Out of the group there where three teams from different country’s who had fished together previously, Charles and Mark from the USA, Oswaldo, and Juan from Ecuador and finally Nicolaus and Emanuel from Panama.
There was a good deal of competition on the go and after the first day, the teams were even on all accounts. Oswaldo, Nikos, and Charles getting a good GT each and the rest of the guys covering up on bonefish, bluefin trevally, and a few other reef species.
As the week progressed the tide started moving extensively and there was more access to the flats. The numbers of fish seen increased and the numbers caught increased with it! The guys tried some dredging in the deep and caught a good number of grouper but unfortunately, the big boys got away this time. The guys poling the flats during the mid-neap tide had the best result with Emanuel managed three good GT’s and Oswaldo and Juan three the following day.
The final day arrived and opened up a few new species as the flats dried out for the first time this week. Lots of triggerfish were seen but unfortunately got the better of the anglers. After the week was complete all the anglers had seen a multitude of species and caught some personal bests. Nikos landing the fish of the week five minutes before the end of the last day, a magical 98 cm GT. All in all, a great week had by the group.

Tight Lines,
The Alphonse Fishing Co. Team on Astove Atoll

Giant trevally 55
Bonefish  15


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