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News from Alphonse, Astove and Cosmoledo...

Alphonse News:

In six days of fishing for the week with the spring tides rolling in, we managed to rack up a number of superb fish, both on the flats and on the bluewater boats. 

The guests and guides pulled off an impressive number of bones which had our stats at 448 fish for the week, the largest specimen reaching a staggering 62 cm caught and released by Brendan. The triggerfish seemed quite willing to take a stab at a crab or two, due to the good weather conditions and constant wind direction. A total of 6 moustache triggers came to the net and a few others coming un-stuck during the week. Truthfully, the most impressive statistic was our giant trevally roundup. The guides poled and pulled their skiffs all over the atoll in pursuit of these behemoths. The tally reached a total of 24 GT’s with 3 fish over a metre.

Matthew, stretching the tape to 107 cm, caught the first fish of the week. The second fish coming off the flats was landed by Scott fishing beating the previous fish at 109 cm, but the cigar had to go to our dear friend Ronald, who landed an impressive 110 cm GT in the surf. Lastly Ron managed to catch our first recaptured GT from our tagging project in association with The Bonefish Tarpon Trust, landing a 74 cm GT.
Our Bluewater Team was kept busy for the week chasing sailfish and wahoo. Matthew and Richard managed to pull off a double hook up on sails on day one, also adding a large wahoo to the mix. Twelve fish raised, five hookups, one double and a single fish landed ended off our great week.

Bonefish: 448

Giant trevally: 24

Triggerfish: 6

Sailfish: 5

Wahoo: 1

Astove News:

Spring tides and consistently favourable weather conditions made for a solid week of fishing with the best action being reported in the lagoon and eastern surf.

Rob started the week off strong landing 5 GT’s and kept the momentum going landing a total of 18 with two measuring over a metre, being 104 and 111. Rob also managed to conquer his nemesis moustache triggerfish after 5 years of pursuit with added catches of GT and bonefish to complete a 'flats slam'.

Ty and Chuck also accomplished a 'flats slam' as both anglers captured the trickiest component of the award landing the first moustache triggerfish they cast at. Chuck put his time in focusing on fishing the lagoon and was rewarded with landing an incredible 99 cm GT just east of the islands and also a great number of bonefish measuring up to 60 cm. Chuck also ventured outside to dredge in the deep and winched up a 20 kg saddleback grouper.

Andrew put forth the time and effort spending a few straight days targeting permit in the lagoon and came right with a grip of Astove gold measuring 45 cm. A big congrats to all our anglers and we look forward to welcoming you back to Astove!

Tight Lines from the Alphonse Fishing Co. Guides on Astove Atoll!

Bonefish: 42

Giant trevally: 36

Triggerfish: 3

Permit: 1

Grouper: 1

Cosmoledo News:

With the weather from last week seeming to have blown itself out and some favourable tides for the week, it all seemed to be lining up to be a week to remember.
Tim, Amy, William and Kimberley Leach all had a great week on the water. They all managed to get their hands on some great GT’s. They really made it count on the final day with Tim landing a solid 93 cm fish in barely knee-deep water. An epic eat on pure white sand had everyone throwing high fives! Kim finished her week off strong with a great ‘Flats Slam’ consisting of a GT, bonefish and a monster 52 cm moustache triggerfish. Dennis Laptev, Nadezda , Carl, John, Amy and Scott all got in on the trigger action as the week went on. Dennis’ fish was a particularly good specimen that measured a solid 56 cm. 
Scott and Chris both had a great start to their week on Cosmo. As the tide started to push they found themselves on a flat loaded with permit. After losing a monster fish on his first cast to a broken hook, Chris gave the next shot to Scott. It wasn’t long before another slab of gold showed up and it took Scott one cast to hook up the fish of a lifetime. After an intense battle Scott held 74 cm of solid Indo-Pacific permit in his arms.

This got Chris fired up and it didn’t take long for Chris to find another fish to present his fly to. The fish ate without hesitation and Chris was on. His first Indo-Pacific permit was a fin perfect fish. Just an absolutely epic session of permit fishing! Scott carried his good fortune through the week landing a trophy triggerfish that measured 51 cm as well as the biggest GT of the week, a solid 106 cm fish that had his rod bending in the cork!  
The turn in weather seemed to bring the flats back to life and everyone came back to camp full of stories and smiles. An awesome week that we hope to relive next week!

Tight Lines from the Alphonse Fishing Co. Guides on Cosmoledo Atoll!

Bonefish: 19

Giant Trevally: 59

Triggerfish: 11

Permit: 2

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