Seychelles News - 3rd to 22nd April 2021

Cosmoledo Atoll Fishing News - 8th to 22nd April 2021

As the week's progress and the seasons change, we never really know how it will affect the fishing. Week 13 was welcomed with spring tides and 11 guests who had a few boxes ticked and personal bests were broken.
Even though the weather and the fishing were tough for week 13, Stuart, Willie, John, Scott, Andrew and Robert caught their first GTs and had multiple shots at both yellowmargin and moustache triggerfish. After the typical frustrating shots and multiple chances, Stuart and Scott were victorious in landing a magical trigger each.
The GT fishing was tough with cold water, bad weather and very clever fish refusing the fly. The atoll once again showed its versatility and the guys who went looking had a few awesome bonefish sessions. Uwe had a few dredging sessions offshore when the weather allowed and had great fun with large saddle back grouper, African marble grouper and multiple snapper species.
John had a fantastic first week with multiple GTs and one special fish which was his first GT ever landed, the fish measuring in at 117 cm. This was the fish of the week and an amazing achievement.
The second to last week of the season, week 14, was welcomed with open arms. Cosmoledo had a mixed group of 11 anglers from around the world. Some guests were here for the first time and others had seen and experienced the atoll before. No one had experienced the weather that was thrown at us, but we pushed through and the catch stats show!
The week started with two slams, Trevor and Matt both landing a triggerfish, GT and bonefish. On day two, Matt and Saif had a tremendous day with multiple GTs and one meter + fish. Matt with a 115 cm and Saif with a 105 cm.
Day three was another special one for Saif landing his personal best GT, 122 cm. Richard had some good and bad luck for the day, landing a nice bone and a 60 cm permit in the first half of the day. The bad luck came in when he was trying to complete the slam with a GT and just before the boat his GT was eaten by a shark.
Day four was one of the toughest days wind and weather-wise but Matt’s luck continued as he hooked and landed a 12 0cm giant in the surf. The fish tried its best to beat Matt in the battle but with the guide neck-deep in the surf and Matt holding on for dear life the fish lost the battle to Matt’s delight. Then we were unfortunately hit by the cyclone and we bunkered down and rode the storm out.
After a quick camp restructuring, we got the guests out to fish for one last day and once again the giant fish continued to show up. John with a Mammoth 126 cm GT and Saif another one metre fish of 111 cm.
What a crazy week with amazing fishing!
Tight lines,
from the Alphonse fishing Co. Team on Cosmoledo


Giant trevally – 73 (6 over 1 m)
Bonefish - 63
Triggerfish – 6
Permit – 1


Alphonse Island Fishing News - 3rd to 17th April 2021

The weather was great as the tides transitioned from spring tides to neap tides over the week. We were joined by only a handful of anglers but still managed to record some great catches on the St Francios Atoll and Alphonse. The bone fishing was as brilliant as always. Anglers managed to land a total of 54 bonefish over the week.

Day one was off to a great start for an Alphonse regular Ed. Ed managed to land his personal best bonefish measuring 61 cm followed by a beautiful moustache triggerfish. On day three Ed and Ria decided to do some bluewater fishing. Ria managed to land her first wahoo on fly and the following day Ed landed to massive sailfish on fly. Day four was a very special day for Mike, Mike managed to land a fantastic 98 cm milkfish which was hooked and landed in the St Francois lagoon which is quite an achievement.

Week 26 was also a great week for anglers, we had three anglers joining us to fish the Alphonse Group. The bonefishing was as good as always, with all anglers bringing in a fair amount over the weeks period.

We were also joined by Viktor. Victor enjoys his bluewater fly fishing and managed to land three sailfish and three wahoo on fly over the week. Lee had a good week. Lee started off with a bang landing a beautiful 65 cm GT.

Another fantastic two weeks spent at Alphonse Island fishing the St Francois Atoll. Memories were made and bonds were formed that will last a lifetime. Stay tuned for next week’s report as we are sure you won’t want to miss it.

Tight lines,

Alphonse Fishing Company on Alphonse Atoll


Bonefish 108
Giant trevally 1
Bluefin trevally 8
Triggerfish 1
Sailfish 6
Wahoo 5



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