Seychelles News - 4th to 13th March 2021

Cosmoledo Atoll - 4th to 11th March 2021

Week Two after our break was a neap week with weather that was predicted to be very average. Each day we faced different weather from super still conditions to strong wind and rain. All the new guests had never experienced Cosmo and we were very excited to show them the complexity and brilliance of the atoll. The neap tides allowed us lots of water and plenty of area to search for the fish of a life time. Within the first day all of the guests got to taste the vastness of the atoll and the incredible amount of work that was needed to keep searching for the giants of Cosmo.

Anti Vappula was the first to taste the sheer power of the big GTs available and landed a 105 cm fish on day one. The rest of the group added to the numbers with mostly everyone catching a GT or two. The large amount of water made it very technical fishing, especially with the unaccommodating light and winds. Triggers were tricky, perms were seen but all managed to be elusive.

Jasper on day two broke the one-metre mark and added to his personal best. Day five Jasper felt the sheer force of a massive GT that unfortunately broke the fly line after a line wrap. The week was particularly tough with guests fighting the weather and not seeing a mass abundance of fish. Markus managed a 113 cm giant of a barracuda which was a special fish for him and one he has had on his bucket list for a long time.

The GT fishing was tough, which had other species on target during the quiet periods and some amazing bonefishing was had by most of the group. Janne on the last day spent some time on the outside of the atoll and landed a brilliant milkfish in the late hours of the day.

Angler of the week who started with a meter plus GT on day one had to be Anti Vappula as he finished his trip by landing a 95 cm, 106 cm and a 111 cm Gt on the last day. The week was not a typical volume of fish week but amazing on the sheer size and abundance of large fish.

Tight lines,

from the Alphonse Fishing Co. team on Cosmoledo

Giant Trevally 61
Bonefish 20
Milkfish 1


Cosmoledo Atoll - 11th to 18th March 2021

Spring tides and good weather was the anticipation for the week, unfortunately a small depression off Madagascar made the first two days tough. Despite the weather everyone managed a few GTs and spirits were high.

Day three was a cracker of a day and the group put in max effort coming home with some incredible catches. Marc managed a moustache triggerfish in the surf with multiple GTs. Paul started with a magical yellowmargin trigger and on the push in the surf batted a 110 cm GT in knee-deep water. Philippe and fishing partner for the day had 11 GTs and crazy action in the skinny waters of the lagoon. Fish of the day had to be Stephan with a 98 cm napoleon wrasse fished in the surf.

Day four with great weather again had all the makings of a special day and it began for Jasper with a 116 cm GT sight fished off a coral head in chest-deep water. Biggest fish for the week and certainly fish of a lifetime. Marina Morrison added to the day’s brilliance with two triggerfish and a 106 cm GT. Mitch was on form on this day and managed a super slam with a trigger, GT, bonefish and a milkfish.

The week had so much action that it would be impossible to put it all in this small write up, but the way the week ended must be mentioned. Jasper, Marc and Philippe all finishing with slams and four milkfish landed throughout the day.

Simply an unbelievable week.

Tight lines,

from the Alphonse Fishing Co team on Cosmoledo


Giant Trevally 135 (three over 1 m)
Bonefish 15
Milkfish 5
Triggerfish 7
Napoleon Wrasse 1


Alphonse Island - 6th to 13th March 2021

The fishing has been just about as brilliant as the weather on Alphonse and St Francois over the past week. Anglers were lucky enough to fish the transition between a spring and neap tide. The flats and the bluewater angling has been fantastic considering the low number of anglers wetting their lines and bending their rods.

The bonefishing was as good as always. Anglers managed to land a total of 48 bonefish over the week. Day one was a brilliant day for Bobby. Bobby landed 20+ bonefish in one session and a fantastic 80 cm GT. Day two was another fantastic day both on bluewater and the flats. Phillipe landed a massive 90 cm GT and Marc landed a beautiful 91 cm milkfish. Mitch also landed a fantastic 90 cm GT guided by the legendary guide Gerry who cut his teeth on Farquhar Atoll.

Gregory had an amazing day on a bluewater trip. Greg landed three beautiful sailfish on fly weighing between 80 lbs and 100 lbs. Mike was back on the bluewater on day three. Mike came extremely close to landing the first bluewater slam of the season but unfortunately could not get a sailfish to stick to the hooks. Mike landed a well sized wahoo on a 12 wt rod and then brought out his deadly little 9 wt and managed to catch a well sized yellowfin tuna on an old GT fly.

Another fantastic week was spent at Alphonse Island fishing the St Francois Atoll. Memories were made and bonds were formed that will last a life time. Stay tuned for next week’s report as we are sure you won’t want to miss it.

Tight lines,

from the Alphonse Fishing Co team


Bonefish 48
Giant trevally 3
Bluefin trevally 4
Sailfish 3
Wahoo 2

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