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Alphonse, Astove and Cosmoledo are all catching GT's

Alphonse News:

The weather and tides worked extraordinarily well together this week, as we hit the full spring tidal cycle, and it set a perfect playing field for fishing on the flats.

Both guests and guides performed well when opportunities presented themselves, resulting in great catch numbers. The atoll was alive with multiple giant trevally “rat packs” present and feeding fish in and around the surf lines. Ron, who continued his stay with us, had another cracking week. He completed a “flats slam” with a 100 cm GT, a massive moustache triggerfish, and while fishing for bonefish, managed to land a permit. That was an amazing slam!

Further in the week, Ron hooked and landed a milkfish on the outside Alphonse channel, and tussled a very special 77 cm GT that was spotted with its back out of the water on Ignoblis channel.

On the same day that Ron got his flats slam, Brian McLean hit the slam as well. He hooked a very aggressive moustache triggerfish in the surf, a giant trevally off a cruising ray and a bonefish – all between Rattrays and Beirut. 

Guests had multiple shots on GT’s every day and Alex Hirst made the most of it. In one day, he caught an 85 cm fish tailing on the turtle grass inside Small Wreck and an 80 cm off a ray on Crossroads. 

On the bluewater side, four wahoo, five yellow fin tuna, one massive barracuda and a sailfish were caught.


Bonefish: 394        Giant Trevally: 24

Triggerfish: 3         Permit: 3

Milkfish: 1              Bluefin Trevally: 20

Yellowfin Tuna: 5  Wahoo: 4

Sailfish: 1               Barracuda: 1

Bohar Snapper: 1

Cosmoledo Atoll:

Cosmoledo was treated to big spring tides and some picture-perfect weather this week and the group were eager to hear some screaming reels!
With absolute glass-off conditions on day one and two, the fishing was a little tricky. Never the less the guys still managed to produce the goods with all the boats landing a number of GT's and seeing a lot more. A slight change in tactic was to change to small flies, and teamed with calmer conditions, seemed to be the answer. Each day saw better and better catch results. 
Michael Nowak had a good first day out on the water and landed a trophy fish of 107 cm. A good welcome back to Cosmo for Mike. Vladim had a good trip back to Cosmo landing a good number of GT's, bones and a couple of triggers to round things off. New to the Seychelles, Laurent and Gerhard had a great week each landing their first ever GTs, but as usual, it was Helmut that stole the show!

No stranger to Cosmo and its inhabitants, Helmut lived up to his namesake “never-stop-casting”. On the final day of the week, with a strong pushing tide, Helmut got stuck into the GT's as they pushed in on the surf. He landed two fish over the magic 100 cm mark including an absolute beast of 113 cm. 

Some postcard weather, great tides and exceptional fishing made for smiles all around camp for the week. We look forward to keeping this hot streak going into next week…!

Tight Lines from the Alphonse Fishing Co. Guides on Cosmoledo Atoll!


Giant Trevally: 101

Bonefish:  38

Triggerfish: 10

Atsove Atoll:

Proper spring tides provided the anglers of Astove with consistent lagoon action and lengthy ventures into the surf. 

The best action was reported on the pushing tide midway between Paulie’s and Old Pier where a shoal of sizable GT’s were encountered by two groups, Henrik Anderson, Peter Pederson, Danny & Kenny Jones, managed to land seven GT ranging from 60-81 cm in a span of thirty minutes. 

Many good fish were raised, the largest GT of the week measured 111 cm and was caught by Johannes who also landed a behemoth of a moustache triggerfish taped at 50 cm, later in the week. Kenny was crowned our fisherman of the week producing a solid number of GT and on the final day dethroning Johannes with a 51 cm moustache triggerfish that took a team effort of four men to dislodge it from a rock. 

Last but not least, comes our GT champion Henrik, who in one day landed four GT up to 80 cm and ended his week with a total of seven, his first moustache triggerfish and a massive bohar snapper in the surf. The weather shifted near the end of the week making for difficult sight fishing, but all anglers finished satisfied with a grip of quality fish.

Tight Lines from the Alphonse Fishing Co. Guides on Astove Atoll!


Giant Trevally: 28

Bonefish:  4

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