Sick of the rain? fancy a quick getaway in the Caribbean

Bairs Lodge – 2024 Bonefish - Bahamas

Suitable for up to 12 anglers, this plantation-style lodge is situated fronting the Atlantic. Bairs Lodge is complete with all paradise essentials; white sand beach, palm trees, beach fire pit and access to your flats skiff just steps from your room. Tidal creeks abound on this section of Andros; they provide water pathways to access the famous west side of the island, they offer protection from winds and create fertile bait rich environments that bonefish love.

6th to 11th March (5/4) – 4 rods
11th to 15th March (4/3) – 2 rods
15th to 19th March (4/3) – Private use of the lodge (all 12 rods)
31st March to 5th April (5/4) – 2 rods
24th to 28th April (4/3) – 2 rods
2nd to 6th May (4/3) – 4 rods
9th to 15th May (6/5) – 8 rods
11th to 15th May (4/3) – Private use of the lodge (all 12 rods)
19th to 22nd May (3/3) – 8 rods
25th to 28th May (3/3) – 6 rods
1st to 8th June (7/6) – 10 rods
8th to 13th June (5/4) – 8 rods

Note: All available rods at Bair’s Lodge are based on shared room and boat/guide. Space for up to 12 rods.

Abaco Lodge – 2024 Bonefish - Bahamas

Since its opening in 2009, Abaco Lodge has become a favorite of fishermen looking for great comfort, but in a “no frills” package. Excellent cuisine, spacious double-occupancy rooms with waterfront porches, open bar, satellite TV, a fire pit and a dipping pool all welcome anglers back from a hard day of fishing.

22nd to 27th Feb (5/4) – 6 rods
26th Feb to 1st March (4/3) – 10 rods (private use of the lodge)
10th to 15th March (5/4) – 2 rods
23rd to 29th March (6/5) – 4 rods
5th to 10th June (5/4) – 8 rods

Permit sole-focus dates

16th to 22nd June (6/5) – 4 rods
22nd to 28th June (6/5) – 6 rods

Note: Abaco has 7 rooms with 2 queen beds each and starting March 15th 2024 we will have 9 rooms, so most will sleep single. Space for up to 10 rods (12 starting in October 1st 2024).

Mayazul – 2024 Permit, Tarpon & Snook - Mexico

Mayazul Lodge is perched at the mouth of Ascension Bay in Mexico. Protected within UNESCO Heritage Sian Ka'an Biosphere, Ascension Bay is revered as one of the most prolific and diverse bonefish, permit, snook, and juvenile tarpon fisheries -- among many other species in the Caribbean.

30th March to 6th April (7/6) – Private use of the lodge (all 8 rods)
6th to 13th April (7/6) – 4 rods
13th to 19th April (6/5) – 4 rods
19th to 26th (7/6) April – 4 rods
29th April to 4th May (5/4) – 4 rods
16th to 23rd May (7/6) – 4 rods
25th May to 1st June (7/6) – 2 rods
1st to 8th June (7/6) – 4 rods
8th to 15th (7/6) June – 6 rods
29th July to 5th August (7/6) – 4 rods
10th to 15th August (5/4) – 6 rods
Sept and Oct have also open spots.

Contact Roddy or Tarquin for more info.

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