Some really, really good fishing still available...

for May, June, July or August...

Here are some prime rods we have available:

ION Fishing Lake Thingvallavatn

29th Apirl to 2nd May - 2 rods - Hosted by Tarquin Millington-Drake.

2nd to 5th May - 2 rods

16th to 19th May - 2 rods

All dates are prime time for this 'phenomenal fishing'.

Ryabaga Camp, Ponoi River

16th to 23rd June - 2 rods available due to cancellation

One of the best spring weeks. Skated fly and Home Pool should be outstanding.

Vididalsa, Iceland

21st to 24th July - 2 rods

Some of Iceland's biggest fish caught on tiny flies in stunning surroundings. Hosted by Tarquin Millington-Drake.

The Sela, Iceland

30th July to 5th August - 2 rods

Nobody knows this river better than Tarquin Millington-Drake having fished these dates for 21 years.


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