Statement on Covid-19

Like the rest of the travel industry the sporting travel industry is in shock at the speed with which global travel has disintegrated. Each time a comment or statement is prepared, it becomes out of date before its publication. I believe it is time to make a statement now that travel is entirely paralysed.

When these events began to unfold and we made early requests for positioning statements from lodges and operators, the reaction was very mixed from denial it would be become an issue, to standing by normal terms and conditions, to a completely reasonable approach.

I am pleased to say that the industry has rallied and though lodges and operators have watched their seasons entirely melt away in less than two weeks, their approach has become more reasonable and helpful as time has gone on and the crisis has worsened. As one lodge put it, they have seen their season go from their best booking season ever, to nothing in less than two weeks. We think that the change of attitude has, in part, been as a result of clients understanding and sympathy for what is going on. To our eye, for the most part, clients, agencies and suppliers are pulling together to arrive at a reasonable compromise between people's livelihoods and a suitable resolution. In summary, we hope that, with time, most trips which have proven impossible to complete will be rescheduled to a reasonable satisfaction and it is our policy to allow suppliers time to gather themselves from what has taken place and asses where they find themselves before beginning to plan resolutions. In truth, we do not know when this nightmare will conclude and therefore rushing to nail down detailed plans seems almost futile at present.

Please be assured that we will contact you as soon as we have concrete information on your travel but please feel welcome to contact us if you have any questions in the meantime. I would like to thank all guests, suppliers and the Frontiers team for their part in handling such an extraordinary series of events. Here at Frontiers we are trying to stay well and strong ready for when we can enjoy this world again and we hope you do too.

Tarquin Millington-Drake

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