Logistics and Administration

Administrator for Iceland and South America.

Senior Travel Advisor

UK Managing Director

Program Manager

Specializes in African Travel and Air

South Pacific Destination Specialist

Specializes in Ireland, Scotland, Slovenia, and Spain fishing. Plus, Australia and New Zealand fishing and leisure programs.


Specializes in all sporting programs across the company.

Co-Owner, Global Destination Specialist

Specializes in Atlantic salmon fishing programs and heads up Elegant Journeys.

Senior Program Manager

Specializes in Alaska and Canada fishing, South America fishing, and big game programs.

Senior Program Manager

Specializes in South America, Mexico, and Iceland fishing programs.

Director of Sporting Travel

Sr. company manager overseeing and participating in management and sales across the Frontiers sporting travel world

Program Manager

Specializes in Spain, Christmas Island, Louisiana Redfish, and Belize fishing.

Senior Program Manager

Senior Program Manager

Specializes in Bahamas, Belize, Christmas Island fishing, United States wingshooting programs, and miscellaneous saltwater and big game hunting programs.

European Destination Specialist

Program Manager

Specializes in the Ponoi and Iceland fishing programs, and Elegant Journeys.

Department Manager

Specializes in Africa Safaris programs.

Senior Program Manager

Specializes in South America wingshooting and Mongolia fishing programs.