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When we introduced the Blanda this time last year, we thought of it as a respected salmon river with one of the highest rates of multi-sea-winter fish in Iceland.

What we have learned is that that may be the case but there is a whole lot more to it in so many ways...

What we have learned:

The description above is correct but:

Though Beat One (the lowest beat) is good, the other beats above are excellent and very attractive water to fish.
That rotating through the beats, including the Refsá Beat at the top which is clear water and single-handed rod, makes for a superb mixed four days of fishing.
That the main beats have superb sea trout, sea-run char and huge ice-age browns up to and over 10lbs which can be caught on nymph, dry and skated fly.
That the upper, clearwater beats of the Refsá and Svartá beats have wonderful brown trout and freswater char fishing.

We have realised what a superb mixed fishery this is with a spectacular blend of water and species to enjoy.

Come and try for Blanda "Slam" - a salmon, sea trout, sea-run and freshwater char and brown trout in a day.

Read the full story and see the photos here.

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