Travel Information

Your Flights

To insure that all goes smoothly with your air arrangements, we would be happy to advise on routes and schedules but are not possessive of doing your flights understanding that there are very good rates to be found which we can sometimes not compete with. For booking flights there are 2 options: (i) through Frontiers in conjunction with the Flight Centre where we are guaranteed best available rates (ii) directly yourself. If you decide to book your flights independently please advise us of your schedule as soon as it has been confirmed.

Frontiers prefer to handle internal flights for complex itineraries because they so often change and we can better manage the situation for you when travelling when in full control. Frontiers cannot be held responsible for flights booked online or through another agent.

Your Invoice

Payment of the invoice will secure the reservation and be deemed acceptance of our terms and conditions. Please be advised that if Frontiers does not receive the payment by the date indicated on the invoice then your booking may automatically be released.

We would ask that you check these details carefully and let us know immediately if there is any discrepancy. Please note that payments are processed through Fish and Game Frontiers Inc who is acting in the capacity of agent for Frontiers International Limited. The booking though, is with us and any communications concerning the booking should be addressed to us, not to Fish and Game Frontiers Inc. Our invoice is payable as detailed in your invoice.

Passport Validity

We strongly advise checking your passport validity, as well as the validity of the passports of those travelling with you, as early in the booking process as possible. Many countries insist that travellers’ passports have at least 6 months validity beyond their return date, or they may be refused entry. UK passport holders are urged to check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for up to date travel advice and entry requirements by country http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/passports1/entry-requirements. Please make sure that you have at least two blank pages in your passport.

Medication and Inoculation

Please be sure to consult your doctor with regard to any medication or inoculations you may require for your trip. Please also be sure to make us aware of any medical issues or dietary requirements either directly in your Portfolio account or on your Questionnaire.